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  • Rotation tomorrow, but not too much; Saka’s contract
    Morning folks. This will probably be a short one from me, on account of the fact I’ve spent half my journey this morning clearing up f*cking hot sauce that fell on the floor as I sat down on the Met Line this morning. FFS! Anyway, in terms of Arsenal there’s ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-02-19By Bendtnersbettercousin
    11 hours ago
  • They can’t all make it at Arsenal
    So it appears as though Arsenal are on the verge of letting Robbie Burton head to Croatia on a permanent deal, signing for Dynamo Zagreb, which will mean a Hale End graduate heading off for pastures new. I’ve seen a few people who are slightly surprised by this because ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-02-18By Bendtnersbettercousin
    1 day ago
  • Arsenal’s attackers deliver end product against Newcastle
    Well, I think it’s fair to say that yesterday afternoon’s home game against Newcastle United ended up being a lot of fun by the time it reached its conclusion, didn’t it? It all started with a curveball. Firstly from Arteta’s first team selection, then by the fact that Newcastle didn’t ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-02-17By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 days ago
  • Refreshed Arsenal need to lay down a marker against Newcastle – match preview
    Happy matchday fellow Arsenal obsessive. Hope all is good with you? It’s blowing a right ol’ gail in London; certainly feels like the gods are angry and extracting their revenge. Perhaps that’s why they’ve called this particular storm Dennis. Anyway, apparently it’s not impacting the likelihood of the match being ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-02-16By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 days ago
  • City future means nothing to Arsenal; Arteta planning all the variables
    The big story of yesterday obviously doesn’t include The Arsenal, but as always, when you hear a story the likes of the City one and the magnitude of it you start to apply your own thoughts relating to your own club. My first thoughts were “is Champions League now more ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-02-15By Bendtnersbettercousin
    4 days ago
  • Arsenal aren’t signing Upamecano. Here’s why…
    A provocative title for a Friday morning, I know, but when I was checking my Twitter feed I saw that it was awash with people asking whether or not we’d be in for the French international. He’s young, strong, having an excellent season with Leipzig and has one year left ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-02-14By Bendtnersbettercousin
    5 days ago
  • Auba adds to Emery damnation; Smith-Rowe groomed as Özil replacement?
    Still nothing really meaty from the club ahead of the weekend’s fixture with Newcastle, but that’s to be expected give that it’s Thursday, as well as the fact it’s a home game. Arsène liked to do easy on a Friday, being Spanish Unai preferred them later on in the day, ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-02-13By Bendtnersbettercousin
    6 days ago
  • Pursuit of Gueye hopefully shows Arsenal blending their player acquisition approach
    The Wednesday lull before Arsenal content kicks in again ahead of Sunday’s game against Newcastle… **tumbleweed rolls by** There ent a lot going on right now. I mean, when the noises of a ‘battle between Arsenal and Spurs’ are being reported in relation to who’s going to host the next ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-02-12By Bendtnersbettercousin
    1 week ago
  • Don’t lose your sh*t over Emery, Gooners, he’s not worth it
    With the Arsenal players all out in Dubai talking up how much more fun, enjoyable and together they all are under Arteta compared to Emery, it appears the Spaniard has decided that he will not go quietly into that sweet night, and has been talking with increased frequency on his ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-02-11By Bendtnersbettercousin
    1 week ago
  • Fostering unity at The Arsenal
    I spent most of yesterday hanging and most of Saturday drinking red wine and eating red meat and given there wasn’t any Arsenal to think about, it didn’t really feel worthwhile blogging about what’s going on. Because let’s face it; there isn’t really anything. I don’t count players posting pictures ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-02-10By Bendtnersbettercousin
    1 week ago
  • Arteta’s mini pre-season; all eyes on the return fixtures
    This morning, I be mostly thinking about….mini pre seasons. We’re in one right now. It’s a winter break in which Arteta has taken the lads out to Dubai to bond, talk tactics, probably look at opponents and most likely give a little bit of a reset on what has happened ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-02-07By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Super agents and Raul’s contact book will have us relying on Edu
    There was a wee bit of reaction from my post yesterday, in which I suggested our summer ‘war chest’ may not be as big as we’d like. I had a couple of people suggesting I was talking a load of old nonsense. I don’t deny that I do talk a ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-02-06By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Guessing Arsenal’s summer kitty – it ain’t pretty…
    It’s a weird and unusual experience, this winter break malarkey, because we haven’t done it before in this country and it also means there’s no Arsenal on and yet I can’t bemoan the pointlessness of international football! There wasn’t really any cup upsets either last night, so that’s a Star ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-02-05By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Arsenal’s attacking problems aren’t the result of defensive stability
    Morning folks. Happy Tuesday and all that jazz. I’m working from home today – benefits of a flexible company – and I’ve decided that I need a bit of fresh air in the morning. Only the fresh air of London isn’t actually that fresh, plus it’s pretty cold, so all-in-all ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-02-04By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Boring Burnley, boring Arsenal, boring draws and a boring Premier League
    well there are some things in life that feel as certain as death and taxes and, right now, Arsenal drawing and Burnley fans booing absolutely anything they could possibly muster are such things. Yesterday’s 0-0 was our 13th in a season that has seen us only lose six games, but ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-02-03By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Silence booey Burnley by a quick start, Arsenal
    Morning all and welcome to match day. Have sampled the delights of a  Saturday 3pm kick off a couple weekend’s ago, we’ve had it whipped away from us with another Sunday game, this time with an away trip to Burnley kicking off at 2pm this afternoon. Ahh Burnley, with the ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-02-02By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Soares in is a sensible move for Arsenal
    Bit of a later one from me today. Partly because I was working from home this morning and therefore haven’t been sat on the tube able to write my usual ramblings. But mainly because I went out last night on a work corporate thing and first thing this morning I ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-01-31By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Pablo Mari signs for Arsenal: reasons to be excited
    So we have ourselves a shiny new player! One in which we can pour all of our hopes, dreams and ambitions into, that he’ll be the next Tony Adams or Sol Campbell. Until the summer. Yep, because it’s a six month loan deal with an option to buy and as ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-01-30By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Arsenal’s Mari stance is spot on
    So it appears the transfer Merry-go-round for Pablo Mari has once again swung around Arsenal’s way, as reports from Brazil last night were saying that Flamengo have accepted Arsenal’s desires and will make the deal for him to join us this January, one that will only be a loan with ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-01-29By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • The dominant Arsenal kids do the business in Bournemouth
    I wondered what type of Arsenal we’d get for yesterday evening’s FA Cup fourth round away tie to Bournemouth. On the GT Radio show last night I missed that each match had played out very differently so far: One game in which we’d not taken our chances and were frustrated ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-01-28By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • A full strength team for Arteta away to Bournemouth?
    Yesterday I was far too hanging to be able to tap away at my computer. Had I have been then I’d have most likely talked about Pablo Mari, who is set to become our first signing, after being spotted on Saturday night at Heathrow airport with Edu. It’s a deal ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-01-27By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Arteta tight-lipped on Matvienko, but less so with Ceballos
    Morning folks and welcome to another bloody weekend in which Arsenal aren’t playing, because we’ve got a poxy Monday night game going on. It’s bloody annoying I can tell thee. But it is what it is and I guess we have to deal with it. I suppose if you’re going ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-01-25By Bendtnersbettercousin
    4 weeks ago
  • Lemar isn’t what we need right now
    I’m not going to talk about that result last nights, or the fact it seems they’re basically going to go unbeaten, so let’s swiftly move on to what’s happening with The Arsenal right now. It feels like even the FA Cup is conspiring against us to ruin weekends. Not only ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-01-24By Bendtnersbettercousin
    4 weeks ago
  • A turgid Premier League shines light on Sanllehi
    When you realise how often some of the ‘big teams’ are screwing up at the moment at the top of the Premier League, it does make you wonder how Arsenal find themselves mid table with 24 games gone, because any sort of run of victories probably gets you in to ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-01-23By Bendtnersbettercousin
    4 weeks ago
  • Arteta’s Arsenal show resolve, determination and fight against Chelsea
    There’s been a few media rumblings about how Arteta has only won two of his seven games in charge as Arsenal manager. It’s stat loading where its not necessary but if it gives somebody an angle they’ll take it. Which is why there will be another round of journos and ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-01-22By Bendtnersbettercousin
    4 weeks ago
  • Arsenal have a ‘free hit’ away at Chelsea tonight
    On Saturday morning I was uber positive about Arsenal getting the result and all three points against Sheffield United at home. I thought that despite injuries, suspensions and recent misfortune on VAR, we’d manage to grab ourselves some precious points on our own turf. Unfortunately I hadn’t bargained on the ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-01-21By Bendtnersbettercousin
    4 weeks ago