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  • Partey holding the midfield to unlock chance creation against Leicester?
    Morning folks and happy match day. Well, it will be if we beat Leicester City tonight. If Jamie Vardy does what he always seems to do when we play them however, then it could be a very ‘unhappy’ match day. I have the nerves about this one tonight. ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-10-25By Bendtnersbettercousin
    16 hours ago
  • Arteta talks up Gabriel and Partey as the spine develops
    Morning folks and happy Saturday to you and yours. We’ve got a little bit of waiting to be done until we play again on Sunday night in a ridiculous pay-per-view game against Leicester but with both teams playing on Thursday evening this was always going to be a Sunday game ... read more
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    2 days ago
  • Arsenal frustrating themselves against Rapid Vienna
    Morning folks and happy Friday! Hope yours goes off with a bang and you have plenty of enjoyable things happen during it. And at least you can celebrate an Arsenal victory in the Europa League last night, which was effectively confirmed away to Rapid Vienna, after some initial discomfort I ... read more
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    3 days ago
  • Arsenal must force chance creation tonight against Rapid Vienna
    Guten morgen folks and welcome to Europa League matchday. Right, plenty to be talking about, so let’s get straight to it, starting briefly with Mesut Ozil and his statement I’m starting with this because if I’m honest it has been done to death and I don’t really want to dwell ... read more
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    4 days ago
  • Arteta’s ride hasn’t even properly started yet
    Morning folks. Hope you’re all gravy? Me? Well I’m fine thank you very much. Had a load of ol’ dodgy dreams about people being rude on ferries and offering to fight me when they wouldn’t listen to mine and my mates’ advice that they don’t sit next to our tiger ... read more
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    5 days ago
  • Arsenal love an injury crisis; Premier League squad will give us no surprises
    I know you don’t want to read another piece banging on about Mesut Ozil and I certainly don’t want to write a piece on it, so I won’t, but I do need to quickly pick up on the comments that have come from Big Per Mertesacker that emerged yesterday. I ... read more
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    6 days ago
  • Will injuries determine how far Arsenal go this season?
    Morning gooners and welcome to another week. Last night I made a roast dinner which took a while as it was roast pork, but during said meal preparation, I decided to watch the Tiny Totts against West Ham. I missed the start but managed to switch on right at the ... read more
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    7 days ago
  • Frustration at Arsenal playing within themselves against Man City
    Ahh man, do I feel frustrated this morning, after that result yesterday. Going up to Man City and being in the game, losing by the odd goal, is nothing to be ashamed of. But I can’t help but think there was a real element of us not rolling the dice ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-10-18By Bendtnersbettercousin
    1 week ago
  • Starting the Partey tonight? Formation options for Man City
    Morning folks and welcome to another matchday in another weird fanless season. Today it is another one of those dreaded trips up to Manchester and just because I am the kind of person who likes to inflict misery on myself, I decided to try to work out how many times ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-10-17By Bendtnersbettercousin
    1 week ago
  • Partey to be ‘unshackled’ against City tomorrow?
    Morning all, happy Friday and a big ‘hooray!’ to the fact that the international break is behind us, most certainly confirmed by the pre-match presser that Arteta did via Zoom yesterday. I have to say kudos to the man himself because, if I was in his position, I’d be pretty ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-10-16By Bendtnersbettercousin
    1 week ago
  • Partey needs to create his own Arsenal history; can Nketiah surpass Kane?
    With Ghana wrapping up their irrelevant friendlies yesterday we finally got to see an interview with Thomas Partey in Arsenal club colours. It was the usual glossy affair with pictures of the man himself, then a training ground three-minute video in which he said what a great club Arsenal were ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-10-14By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Arsene’s bullish, but i’ll wait until December before Arsenal title talk
    Morning folks and welcome to another drab and grey day. It must be Mother Nature telling the footballing world that we’ve all had enough of it. The international breaks I mean. It still rumbles on but thankfully not for much longer and whilst some people still got suckered in by ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-10-13By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Fans bled of more money for the broadcasters again
    With the internationals still dragging this period of time along like a school kid who doesn’t want maths first thing on a Monday morning, there isn’t really a lot of Arsenal content for us to sink our teeth in to this morning. I said my piece with regards to the ... read more
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    2 weeks ago
  • Sokratis and Ozil: The door slams shut at Arsenal
    Morning folks and welcome to the end of another week, only this week, it is sadly lacking in Arsenalness. Thanks very much international breaks, you pointless waste of space, you. Still, at least with Arsenal there’s never usually not a talking point for us to chew over and the recent ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-10-09By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Tierney’s isolation should result in binning internationals
    As if there wasn’t enough of a reason for me to hate international football as it already is, yesterday we were all dealt news that further compounds my detestation of the pointlessness of the international game during the domestic and European season, with the confirmation that Kieran Tierney has been ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-10-08By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Over-Parteying and that’s ok; Ozil’s PR shots fired
    Happy Wednesday folks. Hope y’all feeling good? Are you still revelling in the Thomas Partey news? I know I am. Like a vacuum I am absolutely hoovering up all of the content I can find on the player. I already had an idea of his playing style, what he’d bring ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-10-07By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Partey time right on deadline
    You’ve got to love the Arsenal fanbase. Last night as the door began creaking shut on the transfer window, Arsenal confirmed Thomas Partey as our final signing of this extended summer window, having finally paid the release clause and agreed the deal with the Ghanaian and his representatives. Going the ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-10-06By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Saka and Pepe spring to life to down the Blades
    After seeing what unfolded yesterday in most of the other games, there’s something very satisfying about a relatively ‘normal’ victory over a disciplined Sheffield United side, like we got at home yesterday lunchtime. United were a travesty and Liverpool just forgot who they were, whereas Leicester also had an off ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-10-05By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Sheffield United preview – this game is won and lost out wide
    Morning folks. It’s matchday! A welcome distraction from the transfer window and it’s impending closure, eh? That’s certainly how I think some people see it. They see the ACTUAL football as the side note and get too wound up in the count down to the closure of the window to ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-10-04By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Wishing away the transfer window; Saliba, Torreira and Aouar are key
    Morning folks and happy Saturday to you. Just 24 and a bit hours until we play Sheffield United, then 48 hours and a bit until the dreadful transfer window closes and I don’t know about you, but this is when football becomes more tiresome. I joined Twitter in February 2010 ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-10-03By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Grubby Arsenal performance is enough to beat Liverpool
    Morning all. Perhaps a slightly provocative headline for today’s blog, but waking up this morning and just before I went to bed last night, that’s what went through my mind when I tried to give the overall game some kind of one sentence analysis. Arsenal progressed through to the next ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-10-02By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Rotate them all! Liverpool/Arsenal League Cup thoughts
    Matchday today in the Carabao Cup and, oddly, I’m looking forward to this one, mainly because I feel like I don’t have to get too emotionally invested in it. It is the least of our worries in terms of trophies, it is played by the rotated sides, so if we ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-10-01By Bendtnersbettercousin
    4 weeks ago
  • Transfer dominoes need to fall into place for Arsenal – in and out
    I was having a little mooch around online last night before I went to bed and I read Hector’s quotes about how the team was feeling after Monday’s defeat against Liverpool. Many of us – certainly me – chalked it down as a ‘free hit’ and expectations on getting anything ... read more
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    4 weeks ago
  • Liverpool as good as Arsenal were bad; but any positives to take?
    I don’t think there are many of us that will argue that in the cold light of day Liverpool were a far superior team than us last night. Kind of makes it frustrating that they were so average against Leeds and against Chelski they weren’t really tested because of the ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-09-29By Bendtnersbettercousin
    4 weeks ago
  • Arsenal’s “free hit” against Liverpool tonight
    Much like the last game we played – Leicester in the Carabao Cup – tonight’s game is a weird one for me because it really doesn’t feel like a game in which we should worry too much about. I mean obviously it’s a big game and I’m sure i’ll be ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-09-28By Bendtnersbettercousin
    4 weeks ago
  • Arteta coy on Jorginho, but focused on Liverpool’s ‘waves’
    Morning folks. Hope you’re enjoying your Arsenal-free weekend? Actually, that’s wrong, because yesterday the Women’s team beat Spurs in a cup game that was shown on BBC 2 and I have to say, I rather enjoyed it, although I suspect that’s because it was an opportunity for us to smash ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-09-27By Bendtnersbettercousin
    4 weeks ago
  • Aouar could be in, but Arsenal need to shuffle the pack ASAP
    It appears we have made something of a breakthrough – if multiple French journos are to be believed – in the attempt to bring in a new midfielder to our team. It’s not an unfamiliar name in Houssem Aouar, who last night Arsenal Twitter lit up after a number of ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2020-09-26By Bendtnersbettercousin
    4 weeks ago