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  • Palace profit from comical Arsenal
    Sadly I had a feeling we were due a performance from Arsenal at home like we got yesterday. Lethargic, leggy and lackadaisical with some absolutely comical defending that really gifted Palace all three points yesterday. Unai Emery rotates once again and I’m came Jenkinson, Mavropanos and Mustafi in defence, followed ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-22By Bendtnersbettercousin
    5 hours ago
  • Palace’s pace out wide needs to be countered by Arsenal today
    Today is going to be a tough game. We’re at the point in the season where there are many aching limbs, we’re missing key players, plus those that are fit are being patched up and sent out twice a week and expected to get results. Today is no different and ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-21By Bendtnersbettercousin
    1 day ago
  • Don’t get mad on Sunday Gooners: Unai’s getting rotation right
    Happy Easter Saturday to you. I do like Easter Saturday. Despite not being particularly religious, I do – for the sake of the in-laws family – observe the ‘no booze’ rule on ‘Good-but-should-be-called-rubbish Friday’ and being up in the North East I always find myself craving a beer. So yesterday ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-20By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 days ago
  • Arsenal make it a good Friday with professional victory over Napoli
    For both of these two legs against Napoli i haven’t really felt nervous at all, aside from a quick pang of butterflies in the stomach about two minutes before kick off yesterday, but even that went away after I saw how Arsenal had set up and how Unai has instructed ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-19By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 days ago
  • Unai’s squad management is to be applauded – maybe
    Happy Wednesday folks. It’s a pre Europa Wednesday and given that we have a massive game against Napoli in about 36 hours from me writing this, I thought I’d be a little more nervous than I am, although I think the first leg is playing a big part of it. ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-17By Bendtnersbettercousin
    5 days ago
  • Points first, performance a very far second, against Watford
    Life as an Arsenal fan, eh? Before the game we had excitement. The team was left of field as Unai has done to us all season; it was exciting and with Mavropanos in, a midfield including Xhaka and Torreira, with Ramsey providing energy in front of them, this felt perfect ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-16By Bendtnersbettercousin
    6 days ago
  • Watford’s physical approach must be countered
    This is a big match day for our season today. Over the weekend we fell down in to sixth and if we suffer back-to-back defeats in the Premier League following the Everton debacle, then it really will start to feel like this run of so called ‘easier’ games isn’t going ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-15By Bendtnersbettercousin
    1 week ago
  • Is Torreira the glue in our midfield?
    So no favaoirs have been done by any teams this week in relation to picking up points from our rivals and that means that yesterday we slipped down to sixth with the Totts on 67 points, Chelski on 66 and United in fifth on 64. We’re one behind them on ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-14By Bendtnersbettercousin
    1 week ago
  • Juggling Arsenal’s best players for the next two weeks – Rambo, Ozil, Auba and Laca
    Happy Saturday fellow Gooners. Hoping you’re all set to have a good one. I’m off to the south coast for a little weekend away with the Management so as little football as I can possibly muster. I still managed to catch a bit of the Leicester/Newcastle game and of course ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-13By Bendtnersbettercousin
    1 week ago
  • Controlled and composed Arsenal do the job against Napoli
    That was hella fun last night. There are plenty of people on the socials this morning talking about how we looked to drop a bit in the second half, that it was a bit nervy and I don’t know why, but I just had complete confidence that we were going ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-12By Bendtnersbettercousin
    1 week ago
  • Arsenal can’t defend, so might as well go for goals against Napoli
    Howdy all and happy match day to you. I don’t know why but I don’t feel as nervous about this one as I probably should. With our away form in the league seeing us tank and probably drop out of the top four unless something changes, this game could have ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-11By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • How do we overcome Arsenal’s psychological issues?
    It’s all a bit quiet on the Arsenal front today. No game until tomorrow and we have a press conference that will probably take place tonight in which the manager and a player will give us an update ahead of tomorrow nights crucial game against Napoli. The most important bit ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-10By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • No case for our defence, but what about Mavropanos?
    As is to be expected West Ham did us no favours last night by losing away to Chelski, but with that lot due to play Liverpool and United away, their route to top four is still a tough one. Whether or not it’s tougher than ours remains to be seen ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-09By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Arsenal have a psychological problem away that will stop top four hopes
    We’ve got some serious problems psychological in this Arsenal team that Unai Emery still has to overcome I think. Yesterday was the first of a collective of games we’ve been building up to where our fate is in our own hands. The Newcastle game may have been the first match ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-08By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Back three to offer more protection against Everton’s pacey front line?
    Today begins the tough work as we play the first of what feels like about a billion away games to finish the season. We’re on the last stretch, we probably need 12 or 13 points I think and looking at the teams we play today has to be one of ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-07By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Ozil’s return: he hasn’t changed THAT much guys
    So we had some words from Unai yesterday and he gave us an update on availability ahead of Sunday’s lunchtime kick off against Everton. Torreira is still suspended for doing less than Danny Rose did against Bernd Leno in the same game, whilst Xhaka and Koscielny are the main worries ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-06By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Who’s in the bin at Arsenal in the summer?
    Morning all. With Unai still not due to speak to the assembled press for another few hours as I write this, I started to think about next season and regardless of whether we secure Champions League football next year or not, who I think will be ‘in the bin’ in ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-05By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Bernd’s improvement, Arsenal’s inprovement
    One day closer to the weekend and therefore one day closer to The Arsenal and if ever there was an example of just how tight and tough the current race for top four is, the fact that we are back down to fourth following the Tiny Totts win last night ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-04By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Four wins and a draw for Arsenal – but from where?
    With Wolves doing us a favour last night and Solskjaer saying they need five wins from six, inevitably the first thing I did this morning as I was brushing my teeth before work was to think “does that mean we only need four and a draw?” If the United Boss ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-03By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Professional Arsenal hitting form at right time against Newcastle
    Well I thought that was a thoroughly enjoyable performance last night. It was composed, assured and one of the simplest of three points we’ll get this season. On a weekend where a victory could see us get in to the third spot by overcoming the Geordies, it could have been ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-02By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Expect a cagey affair against Newcastle tonight
    The defeat to the Scousers by the Tiny Totts has given us somewhat of an opportunity this evening. Victory sends us two points clear of them and Man United and of ever the Arsenal players needed an incentive this could be it when we play Newcastle at 8pm. I’m certainly ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-04-01By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Arsenal need to find 25 goals between now and the end of this season
    Man United’s win over Watford and Chelski’s inevitable victory over Cardiff today does hit home the importance that each game has and tomorrow we have yet another example of why consistently picking up wins is crucial at this time in the season. I’m by no means counting my chickens but ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-03-31By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Let’s have Xhaka and Ramsey at the base of midfield on Monday
    Yesterday after I wrote my blog I had a bit of a think as to who was going to play in central midfield yesterday. Ramsey and Guendouzi was an option but for some reason it just didn’t seem 100% right to me. With Torreira out and Xhaka supposedly injured they ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-03-30By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Friendlies Schmendlies, but who plays in Arsenal’s midfield?
    Can I admit something to you? I really couldn’t give a monkeys about the pre season friendly games. Sorry, but there, I said it. I mean it’s not that I don’t appreciate their value to fans that don’t get to see The Arsenal every odd week like I do, but ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-03-29By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Profiling for Arsenal’s youngsters in Dubai
    A morale boosting victory in Dubai to keep the winning run going, eh? A 3-2 win which sees the Corporal notch up another goal to his Arsenal tally you say? Some decent performances from Maitland-Niles and Denis Suarez I read? Well this all boxes well for the inevitable unbeaten run ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-03-27By Bendtnersbettercousin
    4 weeks ago
  • Morrow doesn’t inspire ahead of a crucial summer
    It’s funny that at a time in which the England team are smashing it up both at home and away, I still can’t really bring myself to get excited about the national team, most likely because of the likes of Kane and Dier being such regulars. If that is the ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-03-26By Bendtnersbettercousin
    4 weeks ago
  • How much chance do the youth players have at Arsenal?
    Morning folks – just about – hope you’re having a lovely Monday? Mine is just grand, although from an Arsenal perspective there’s very little on as the team prepare for a MASSIVE CRUNCH TIE IN DUBAI tomorrow. It’ll be interesting to see how many of the first teamers and how ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-03-25By Bendtnersbettercousin
    4 weeks ago
  • 79 points gets Arsenal a top four spot, but margin for error is negligible
    With the season defining part of 2018/19 upon ads, I started to do that classic football fan related thing of playing out every single game in my mind to see what I think our realistic chances of hitting the targets that are before us between now and May. I recognise ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-03-24By Bendtnersbettercousin
    4 weeks ago
  • Welbeck’s return probably isn’t great news for Suarez
    I had a few drinks last night and bleurgh, i’m feeling a little worse for wear, i have to tell you. But I wasn’t drunk enough to watch England last night and despite the fact they smashed Czech Republic I can’t get too excited about a team captained by The ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-03-23By Bendtnersbettercousin
    1 month ago