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  • Questions in defence and midfield, loads of options up top for The Arsenal against Burnley
    This feels like the proper start to the season for me today. I picked up a fresh set of home and away kits and will be rocking my beautiful red and white Adidas Arsenal shirt in the ground today for the first game of the season. I’m right back there. ... read more
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    11 hours ago
  • Emery’s new signing selection dilemma
    Happy Friday all. I have a slightly sore head, what with Thursday being the new Friday and my working running a ‘welcome to the company’ drinks for all of the new people that have recently joined the business (of which I am one). It’s great fun, is midweek drinking, until ... read more
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    2 days ago
  • Iwobi needed a reboot, we need a new captain
    Alex Iwobi opens up and tells Sky Sports that he’s always been seen as the youngster and now wants to set his own agenda. Fair play to him I see and having experienced something similar in my working life I can kind of understand why he might want to try ... read more
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    3 days ago
  • Joining the super agents bus – both in selling & buying
    Morning friends. Football friends. Compatriots who share the same love as me: lovers of The Arsenal. It’s midweek and we still might have three days to go until football returns, but the stories keep dropping relating to The Arsenal or, in this case relating to Jeff Reine-Adelaide. He should be ... read more
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    4 days ago
  • Can Chambers replicate Holding from last season?
    We’re only one week in to the new season and after a decent enough defensive display against Newcastle (even if we were relatively untroubled) thoughts are immediately turning to Burnley at the weekend. But, more importantly, who plays against Burnley at the heart of our defence, because I’d make it ... read more
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    5 days ago
  • Job done for young Arsenal side at Newcastle
    I know there Will be those out there saying “it’s only Newcastle” and given that Newcastle are in a bit of turmoil themselves I know it was hardly the most difficult of starts for us to kick off our campaign yesterday afternoon in the north east, but I was delighted ... read more
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    6 days ago
  • Stop the Newcastle long ball supply line today, Arsenal
    It’s the first game day of the season and like I said yesterday, despite feeling like I’m done with football in May, here we are in August and I’m right back in the game. An away trip to Newcastle it is for our lads and with the new signings probably ... read more
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    7 days ago
  • Familiar faces at Newcastle tomorrow for Arsenal
    Happy Saturday folks and welcome to the start of the new season. Even though Arsenal don’t play until tomorrow I’m still happy it’s here and after feeling like I could go a good six months without any football after the travesty that was the Europa League final, here I am, ... read more
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    1 week ago
  • Arsenal complete most successful transfer window of the Emirates era
    Morning all and welcome to the day after the night before, in which Arsenal finished the first transfer window since I can remember where Arsenal fans are reasonably happy with the business that has been conducted all summer. Yesterday the arrivals of David Luiz and Kieran Tierney were confirmed in ... read more
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    1 week ago
  • Just a few hours for Arsenal to get it spot on this summer
    Morning all. Transfer deadline day. One of the most unsavoury days in the footballing calendar and with the English deadline day finishing at 5pm this afternoon it feels like it’s going to be a busy one. Not least because of what’s happened all summer. Transfers across the Premier League that ... read more
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    1 week ago
  • Koscielny’s tarnished reputation and the expert way Arsenal dealt with it
    So bye-bye Koscielny as yesterday Bordeaux and Arsenal confirmed his switch to the French club after both teams agreed a few thought to be €5million. In today’s market and exchange rate it’s not too bad for a player who forced the clubs hands through his unprofessionalism and tantrumming by refusing ... read more
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    2 weeks ago
  • Arsenal have 48 hours to shuffle the defensive pack
    You can tell it’s getting closer to the start of a new season because last night I had a dream about Arsenal. There was a mix up at Premier League HQ and we needed up playing West Ham at home on the first game of the season. They didn’t tell ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-08-06By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Silly goals conceded against Barca; deja vu defending shows signings needed
    Final pre season friendly out of the way and, as probably is to be expected, we went to the Nou Camp and came back with a defeat. It’s a familiar thing that we’ve seen before so there won’t be too many surprises with that and hey, I’ve spent all summer ... read more
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    2 weeks ago
  • Arsenal need to ship out before they bring in and Coutinho shouldn’t be one that comes in
    So we have our first bit of significant cash coming in as Krystian Bielik becomes a Derby player for around £10million, as well as Takuma Asano heading off to Partizan Belgrade for £1million, meaning that we made a £2.5million loss on a player who essentially went out on loan for ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-08-03By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Arsenal’s statement of intent now needs execution on the pitch
    Well it finally happened yesterday and despite the fact I’d been lamenting all transfers, how they weren’t a surprise and how numb I feel like I’d got in the whole process, I still gorged myself on the glorious glorious content that the club put out throughout the day. I can’t ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-08-02By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Stuttering youth performance against Angers
    So we have ourselves enough leaked news and people (like the Lille chairman) talking about Nicolas Pepe’s move to The Arsenal, that we know it’s happening, we just haven’t had it confirmed yet. No doubt the game against Angers was an overriding factor in the announcement not happening. Arsenal had ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-08-01By Bendtnersbettercousin
    2 weeks ago
  • Pepe’s old news by now, but what about our back line movements?
    When it comes to the exciting Nicolas Pepe story, we’ve had it all now, haven’t we? Yesterday he was pictured in an Arsenal shirt as leaked footage emerged of him tapping the shirt and with that we know something will happen today officially but, as is the way of the ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-07-31By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Pepe edges closer, Mustafi edges further away, but defence questions remain
    So we’re edging closer towards the Pepe signing as – if rumours are to be believed – he’s due for a medical at some stage either today or tomorrow and despite the fact that nothing is secret any more and so we all know chapter and verse about this deal, ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-07-30By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Some positives from youth but that Arsenal back line terrifies me
    So we had the Emirates Cup yesterday in which Lyon eventually beating us from coming two goals behind (one of which looking like it certainly had more than a whiff of offside about it) and as a result there were a few Gooners who sadly couldn’t see a victory on ... read more
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    3 weeks ago
  • What’s going on at right back for Arsenal?
    So we have a Sunday morning in which there’s an Emirates Cup on the horizon later on this afternoon and probably a little more Pepe chatter until something breaks like a ‘spotted at Arsenal’ or ‘medical set for x date’ or something similar. After my later post yesterday there was ... read more
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    3 weeks ago
  • Pepe from nowhere has all Arsenal fans excited
    Bit off a late one from me today, mainly on account of a friends leaving do last night and one or two too many Heineken’s that were consumed until the early hours of the morning. I’m glad i did wake up late and am writing this at lunchtime though, because ... read more
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    3 weeks ago
  • Deals done, but opportunities missed at Q&A?
    Morning folks. You know how they say “slow news day?” When there’s the square root of b*gger all going on I. The Arsenal world? Well, I think it’s safe to say that yesterday was not one of those days! First we had the confirmation of Ceballos and Saliba from the ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-07-26By Bendtnersbettercousin
    3 weeks ago
  • Questions to be asked at Arsenal fan Q&A, which won’t be solved by signing announcements today
    Today there is a fan Q & A at The Emirates in which Raul Sanllehi and a few other Arsenal representatives will sit in front of a selection of fans to discuss the recent history and upcoming future of Arsenal. It’s something Arsenal have done for many years and is ... read more
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    3 weeks ago
  • Madness against Madrid; empty seats against Lyon?
    As I’ve been saying all summer there’s very little that you can take from these friendly matches other than who’s at what stage of their development, but it looked like it was one heck of a crazy game against Madrid last night, especially when you have sendings off in friendlies. ... read more
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    4 weeks ago
  • Ceballos move is shrewd for all parties
    Morning all and before I get in to the usual stuff, if you received a barrage of old blogs from me yesterday into your inbox/social media feed, many apologies. The WordPress app on my phone had a bit of a meltdown – probably because we haven’t signed anyone – and ... read more
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    4 weeks ago
  • The kids impress against Fiorentina, but so do some of the senior players
    So it appears as though this summer is going well from a results perspective, eh? A 3-0 victory against Fiorentina, another ‘W’ on the board and some encouraging performances from some players, I have to say. Take Saka, for example, who looked good in small flashes last season but really ... read more
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    4 weeks ago
  • Saliba sorted, but the Sven situation doesn’t add up
    Howdy all and welcome to another ore season Saturday and it’s a Saturday in which I’m sure you’ve already seen yourselves, but we appear to finally got the Saliba deal over the line, so all that remains to be seen is for us to announce it. I suspect it’ll be ... read more
    Source: Suburban GoonerPublished on 2019-07-20By Bendtnersbettercousin
    4 weeks ago
  • I really WANT Özil to come good and here’s why you should too
    Morning all. Now, I know that for some people today’s blog topic will be divisive and before even reading a single sentence there will be people slagging me off on social media, purely because of the headline and not because of what I’m about to say, because that’s how social ... read more
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    4 weeks ago