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  • A season that seemed to last forever…with a very happy ending.
    When it was decided that I should write the initial end-of-season review for a blog created in mid-season following the death of our great friend and inspiration, Dave “Goonerholic” Faber, I did, as is my wont, consider a number of ways of approaching it. Simple chronology would be a bit ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-08-05By TTG
    2 days ago
  • One-nil down, two-one up – this one’s for the Goonerholic
    Photo courtesy of BergkamptheMan and BathgoonerIt seemed so strange not to be there. We have had five Wembley Cup Finals since 2011. I’ve been lucky enough to have been at all of them. The ritual was engrained. Early travel to Wembley, couple of beers, dinner on the way home. So ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-08-02By Countryman100
    5 days ago
  • Cup Final Preview 2020. The Fourteenth Time.
    The build-up to this year’s Cup Final has been muted in comparison to years gone by but make no mistake: this is a huge game for The Arsenal. As well as a chance to claim the trophy and extend our record number of victories to 14 it also provides us ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-07-31By Gunnersaurus Stunt Double
    7 days ago
  • And It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
    courtesy of Son of FaustusHave we ever looked forward to the final day of the Premier League season with such an absence of interest? Our worst league standing in more than two decades already guaranteed, even the second tier of European club competition – once unthinkable for this proud club ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-07-27By Doctor Faustus
    2 weeks ago
  • Flap Arms at High Speed
    Tomorrow we play the last game of a funny old season in a funny old game. Oddly, considering it is our worst league campaign for 25 years I find myself feeling quite chipper. We could send Watford down and win our 14th FA Cup in the next week – ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-07-25By OsakaMatt
    2 weeks ago
  • After the Lord Mayor’s Show comes the Rag Parade
    The Arsenal rocked up at Villa Park for their penultimate league game of this strange, season on a warm July evening knowing that qualification for a European place, albeit only the Europa League, was still a possibility even if not entirely in our own hands. Qualification by winning the FA ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-07-22By Bathgooner
    2 weeks ago
  • Arsenal to down Clarets as season wines down?
    The games continue to come thick and fast. It is little surprise that the rollercoaster of emotions runs on a timescale measure in games rather than time, but when as now the time is much shorter the upswings and downswings are more violent when compared with other events in your ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-07-20By Pangloss
    3 weeks ago
  • Gunners jump over the Blue Moon
    This evening saw a welcome return to Wembley for The Arsenal after a season that has been challenging to say the least. The FA Cup has provided a quantum of solace in recent years with three hugely enjoyable victories, the last of them after beating today’s opponents in the semis. ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-07-18By OsakaMatt
    3 weeks ago
  • It’s Got Our Name On It!
    Barely have we had a chance to draw breath after our reverse-thrashing of the champions when our FA Cup semifinal against Man City hoves into view. As we race to finish the season the games are coming at us as thick and fast as a Mustafi slide tackle. Wednesday’s result ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-07-17By Gunnersaurus Stunt Double
    3 weeks ago
  • A Soulful Display to Blunt the Heavy Metal Grooves
    When I, and I believe so do many others in the world of global Arsenal fanbase who had started following and supporting the team from different corners of the earth in the early days of Arsène’s singular regime, think back about why specifically we fell in love with this great ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-07-16By Doctor Faustus
    3 weeks ago
  • Spicy Red Rubber Nears Final Fences
    The thirty years during which the answer to the question, “Which ship has never arrived in Liverpool” would raise a chuckle have now passed into the depths. The Premiership finally sailed into Albert Dock a week or so ago to be greeted by a crazed multitude of Liver birds ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-07-14By BtM
    3 weeks ago
  • Can’t Defend. Won’t Defend. What’s Defending?
    The last time we won a league game at White Hart Lane Mike Arteta was Arsenal captain. Yesterday he was Head Coach as we stepped into their new stadium, the Giant Toilet Bowl, for the first time, looking for a vital three points that would give us every chance of ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-07-13By Gunnersaurus Stunt Double
    4 weeks ago
  • North London is Red
    And so, at last, 11 months into the season the North London derby rolls around. It will be our first league meeting with the Tiny Totts in the unfootballerly month of July, and hopefully our last. After the dropped points from the last game and the loss of Eddie ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-07-11By OsakaMatt
    4 weeks ago