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  • Gunners To Outfox The Foxes
    How time flies? It seems like only last month that I was writing a Leicester preview. In fact on checking I find that it was last month for a Carabao Cup tie that we won handily 2-0 at their place. This time of course it is a Premier ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-10-24By OsakaMatt
    1 day ago
  • Viennese In A Whirl As Partey Stars
    Copyright Getty Images Ah the Europa league group stages. The quickening of the heart, the thrill of the occasion, the sheer glamour of being one of the elite. Well, maybe not. Spoiled by umpteen years in the Champions League, Arsenal fans tend to regard Europa League Group stages with ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-10-23By Countryman100
    3 days ago
  • A Quick Viennese Apéritif
    courtesy of Getty Images, their copyright It remains a source of disappointment and no little anguish that for a club of our history, stature and success in English football our records in European competitions don’t do justice to the various wonderful teams we have had in our history. This ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-10-22By Doctor Faustus
    4 days ago
  • The ‘bombshell’ that every fan was eventually expecting
    Sometimes the irony of a moment grabs you with memorable intensity. I had been interviewing over Zoom for a part-time warehouse manager for a food bank of which I am a trustee. We were discussing a minimum wage job and the applicants were outlining how sad it was that the ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-10-20By TTG
    5 days ago
  • Gunners Play With Handbrake On As We Lose Again In Manchester
    Saka – our Man of the Match It’s December 2016. My son and I have made the journey, deep in December, to the Etihad. After 5 minutes, Alexi Sanchez puts Theo through and he scores. The visiting Gooners go mad and taunt the City fans. Come to see the Arsenal! ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-10-18By Countryman100
    1 week ago
  • Let’s Get Together and Do It Again!
    That superb first goal at Wembley. Let’s do it again! From On Saturday, our Premier League campaign restarts with a visit to the blue side of Manchester, just the same game as our restart in June after the Lockdown. These master versus pupil contests have become a regular feature ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-10-15By Bathgooner
    1 week ago
  • Supporting Arsenal in Turkey
    I moved home in the same year Arsenal moved away from their spiritual home in Highbury, not that they or I had particularly planned it that way; while Arsenal’s move involved a mere hop and a skip over the Drayton Park railway lines mine took a massive leap over longitudinal ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-10-13By Bodrum Gooneress
    2 weeks ago
  • Arsenal in the Market Place
    Photo by Alejandro Rios/DeFodi Images via Getty ImagesSeveral months ago I wrote a post, Loans, Moans & Groans, reviewing our then situation with regard to 10 players we had out on loan. Time now thanks to the Interlull to look briefly at how those loans went, or didn’t go as ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-10-09By OsakaMatt
    2 weeks ago
  • Blades Blunted in Second-Half Purple Patch
    We welcomed Sheffield United to the Grove this afternoon eager to regain league momentum after Monday’s setback at Anfield. Our team selection was a slight surprise. Granit Xhaka who quite undeservedly receives dogs abuse from some posters () was left out and Nketiah replaced Lacazette upfront in the centre. ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-10-04By TTG
    3 weeks ago
  • Let’s Have Gunners Who Are Too Sharp for the Blades!
    That save against Sheffield United! From David Seaman’s Twitter page.A Sunday post-prandial delight may be an inappropriately delectable way to describe the forthcoming visit of Sheffield United to the New Home of Football. I expect a torrid physical challenge from determined, muscular Yorkshiremen as we attempt to get the fusty ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-10-03By Bathgooner
    3 weeks ago
  • Double Jeopardy at Anfield
    Figure 1: A study in Gunner concentration during the penalty shoot-out. From Sky Sports Our second visit to Anfield repeated two sequential matches at that recently inauspicious venue within 4 days that last took place in January 2007 when we played an FA Cup tie and a League Cup ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-10-02By Bathgooner
    3 weeks ago
  • Sighting spice amid seconds with the Scousers
    Liverpool v. Arsenal PreviewCarabao Cup 4th round, Thursday, October 1, 19:45It’s an age-old debate, the importance of striving for success in the League Cup considering the stern demands of the other three competitions that a top-tier club like Arsenal contends each year.  On the positive side is the argument that the confidence ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-10-01By bt8
    4 weeks ago
  • The Rocky Road Ahead
    It was the best of times…We went away to the reigning champions Liverpool after winning the first two matches of the new league season. Last time we had won the opening three matches was when we were the reigning champions, the mighty Invincibles aiming to protect their title in a ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-09-29By Doctor Faustus
    4 weeks ago
  • Anfield Looms… Free Hit or Hat Trick?
    On Monday night we will be taking up the toughest challenge the fixture list can offer as we travel to Anfield to take on the champions. The last time we won there in the league we had Mikel Arteta partnering a monstrous Abou Diaby in the centre of our midfield ... read more
    Source: Goonerholics ForeverPublished on 2020-09-27By Gunnersaurus Stunt Double
    4 weeks ago