Brady Bergkamp & Beyond

  • June 2nd – Back from Baku
    Baku is to be highly recommended. Just not to watch Arsenal. As surprisingly impressive as Azerbaijan was Arsenal managed to surpass our worst case performance. On the positive side, Baku has both electricity and edible food. Their downtown is a cross between Dubai glass buildings and Madrid-like boulevards. Just goes ... read more
    Source: Brady Bergkamp & BeyondPublished on 2019-06-03By bradybergkampandbeyond
    3 weeks ago
  • May 27th – Baku and Back
    This could well be my last post as I head off to Baku. Alongside DB10, we venture off into Asia for the NoHopaCup in the forlon hope that Mustafa will be nabbed by the Armenians. Why, oh why, could they not have swapped MickeyTarrien and Mustafa’s nationality. There remains ... read more
    Source: Brady Bergkamp & BeyondPublished on 2019-05-27By bradybergkampandbeyond
    4 weeks ago