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  • As Good As It Gets …….. 26th May 1989
    What with the lockdown because of Covid19 and the media frenzy that has accompanied it I thought it would be nice to share my story of possibly the greatest evening in Arsenal’s history. ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-03-28By peachesgÖÖner
    1 week ago
  • Is Martinez a keeper?
    While Leno is not the best GK ever, he is showing signs of improvements and is good on his line and decent with his feet. He really has to do better with his ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-03-16By peachesgÖÖner
    3 weeks ago
  • If you could add one Invincible to our current team to improve it, who would it be?
    I’m still buzzing from PSG qualifying into the CL 1/4 finals (although anxious that the competition will be cancelled due to Covid-19) and going down the PSG memory lane remembering of times when in the 90s, we had players like Rai that helped us beat teams like Real Madrid, I ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-03-13By peachesgÖÖner
    4 weeks ago
  • Saka to Liverpool?
      Make him an offer he can't refuseMake him an offer he can’t refuse.If the headline shocked you, it’s because it’s intended to. We know that the champions-elect are sniffing around our talented young attacker/wingback ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-03-11By RockyLives
    4 weeks ago
  • Leave Pepe alone
    Pepe has been having a frustrating season so far. He has shown glimpse of brilliance in the game, good set-piece delivery and good camaraderie with his teammates BUT he has also been guilty of not playing direct enough, not taking on his defender on a one-on-one enough, always cutting back ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-03-10By peachesgÖÖner
    4 weeks ago
  • Leave Laca alone
    Even Fabianski looks happy for LacazetteWhen Alexandre Lacazette banged home our winner against West Ham on Saturday all Arsenal fans breathed a sigh of relief. We hadn’t been playing particularly well but three points were essential if we ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-03-09By RockyLives
    4 weeks ago