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  • Xhaka to Milan? An opportunity to get a real midfield enforcer
    According to various news outlets, Xhaka has made up his mind. He would like to leave AFC after his fall out with the fans. Gazidis tested the waters with him and Xhaka is now keen to join AC Milan. The news goes as far as saying that he was spotted ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-11-14By peachesgÖÖner
    9 hours ago
  • Should Arsenal be looking to replace Emery?
    The following paragraph is taken from an article written by Adam Bates for sky. Unai Emery was brought in to improve Arsenal but the decline has accelerated under Arsene Wenger’s successor, writes Adam Bate. Faith in Unai Emery is fading fast but he doesn’t help himself. The pressure is building.  Some of ... read more
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    2 days ago
  • The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly
      The Good: The team line up looked more balanced and cohesive from the outset, both on paper and also in practice for large parts of the game. We looked to have a greater threat going forward and, although ultimately still well below where we need to be, seemed better ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-11-10By peachesgÖÖner
    4 days ago
  • Prematch – Leicester vs Arsenal ………….
    ……………………… Rodgers vs Emery / Vardy vs AFC Defense…OR the game that could end our Top 4 hope. This game is so interesting in so many ways. There is so much to play for and both teams are in opposite spirals. On one hand, Leicester has started the season very ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-11-09By peachesgÖÖner
    5 days ago
  • Arsenal’s Best Strike Partnership
    We’re heading into what could be a very important weekend for Arsenal’s immediate future and certain subjects have been debated half to death: Emery in or out. The Xhaka debacle. The midfield dilemma. So how about we change the script just for today by taking another look at a topic ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-11-08By RockyLives
    6 days ago
  • Xhaka 0, Fan Power 1
    So Granit Xhaka has been stripped of the captaincy and there are indications he will be allowed (or encouraged) to leave the club in January. On the face of it, this is a pretty clear ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-11-07By RockyLives
    1 week ago
  • Arsenal …… not good …….. again
    First half was horrendous, second half was better. We were exposed every time Vitoria put some pace on their attacking movements. We did not create much going forward and we did not really defend well when tested. No stand out performer. Lessons learned: 1. Ceballos cannot play in central midfield ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-11-06By peachesgÖÖner
    1 week ago
  • Arsene Wenger Is Helping Unai Emery Keep His Job
    Arsene Wenger was probably Arsenal’s greatest ever manager (and certainly the best since Herbert Chapman). And his influence on the club persists long after the man himself exited the building stage left, fiddling with the zipper on his puffer jacket. Indeed I have a theory that the ghost of Arsene ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-11-05By RockyLives
    1 week ago
  • Is that as good as it is going to get Arsenal?
    Well that was better, wasn’t it, sort of, a bit? The problem that some are going to have trouble coming to terms with, is today, this game, this team and the quality of football that they played is as good as it is going to get. Yes folks, that’s it, ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-11-03By LB
    2 weeks ago
  • Arsenal vs Wolves: Will Emery get the balance of the team right?
    Our defensive issues are still glaring and it is not having a go at the defenders but rather at our team set-up or cohesiveness on defensive and attacking phases. We have an amazing strikeforce with Auba, Laca, Pepe and now supplemented by Martinelli and even Saka. ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-11-02By peachesgÖÖner
    2 weeks ago
  • Ten Goals and a Heartbreak Shoot-out: Liverpool-Arsenal Report & Player Ratings
    An Arsenal team with a strong contingent of young players competed in a thrilling 10 goal classic at Anfield last night, only to face the heartache of losing in a penalty shoot-out. Apart from the pens I thoroughly enjoyed the match. It was full of mistakes and dodgy defending from ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-10-31By RockyLives
    2 weeks ago
  • A Cup of Cheer for Ailing Arsenal?
    What a ten days it’s been. It started with a woeful defeat at Sheffield United. A couple of days later we laboured against a poor Vitoria side until Pepe played two wonderful get-out-of-jail-free cards. Then we blew a two goal lead against Crystal Palace. During that game we made ourselves ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-10-30By RockyLives
    2 weeks ago
  • Emery’s Inability To Solve Our Midfield Problem Will Be His Downfall
    Emery looks to be out of his depth in the EPL. I find more fault with him than with any individual player per-se. All clubs at all points in their history have a player or two that you initially thought would be something very good, but then turns out to ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-10-29By Rasp
    2 weeks ago
  • Sokratis on a hat-trick was fun …….. otherwise meh
    And there was me on that crisp, bright, autumnal afternoon, sitting above the corner flag where Pepe sent in his two excellent corners which helped put us two up thinking: this is going to be a stroll in Drayton Park today. Silly boy LB, silly, silly boy, when will you ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-10-27By LB
    3 weeks ago
  • The Blind Leading The Bland? Arsenal v Palace Preview
    It’s time to get some answers about this Arsenal team. The near constant sense of frustration, argument, false dawns, rare highs and frequent lows are taking a toll on us supporters and they have to stop. We face a real challenge from an in-form Crystal Palace, who sit just one ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-10-27By RockyLives
    3 weeks ago
  • Unai knows
    It was interesting to watch Unai Emery’s reaction to Pepe’s match winning goal on Thursday, not a fist pumping jump for joy, not a huge sigh of relief, just a half smile into the camera from a man who might be a little bit more aware of what is going ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-10-26By LB
    3 weeks ago
  • The Nicolas Pepe (our Pepe) Show
    As an attendee, and having agreed with Peaches that I would try to write something that makes sense regarding the game, here goes at 12.30am…….. As I walked from the pub, having picked up ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-10-25By peachesgÖÖner
    3 weeks ago
  • Arsenal v Vitoria pre-match
    I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this, not because you, the reader, doesn’t deserve an in depth pre-analysis of the game tonight but because I wrote the pre-match on Monday and we all know how that went. However tonight I do expect that there’ll be a ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-10-24By peachesgÖÖner
    3 weeks ago
  • Let Them Entertain Me – Sheffield Utd 1 – Arsenal (?) 0
    I’ll start with an admission, I struggled to stay awake in the second half. And by the final whistle I was slipping in and out of consciousness. These are rambling wittering observations thoughts and feelings in no particular order. 1. Is this the right plan? I can see there is ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-10-22By Gööner In Exile
    3 weeks ago
  • Arsenal v Sheffield United Pre-match
    Yesterday was surprising, I was close to thinking we were going to be celebrating ‘Invincibles Day’ today when VAR couldn’t find a reason to disallow a Liverpool goal that looked off-side to me and hand them a draw against Man U. The VAR officials had managed to ruin several managers ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-10-21By peachesgÖÖner
    3 weeks ago