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  • Blues to Lose: Arsenal at Chelsea …….. Pre-Match
    It’s weird to be playing Chelsea in the Premier League again so soon after meeting them at the Emirates in the same competition. Just over three weeks ago we were beaten 1-2 at home by Frank Lampard’s side. Many of us felt it was an unlucky defeat because we played ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-20By RockyLives
    1 day ago
  • We need a new Giroud
    Arsenal are looking less like a sinking ship since Mikel Arteta got his hands on the tiller, but recent performances have highlighted a glaring gap in our crew of jolly sailor boys. While we have all bored each other half to death complaining about the absence of a proper defensive ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-20By RockyLives
    2 days ago
  • Match report – Same old, same old!
    Arsenal 1 Sheffield United 1 Match Report Same old, same old! We drop points again to a team with nothing more than Effort, Commitment and Organisation. That’s it folks. No amount of team or individual player analysis will, in my opinion, move the debate on, or make me feel more ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-18By peachesgÖÖner
    3 days ago
  • Arsenal v Sheffield United prematch
    I have to admit to feeling disconsolate after last weeks draw against Crystal Palace. Not because we played badly or gave the game away but because ‘lady luck’ was definitely against us in the way, Torreira went off at half-time,  Palace scored and how Aubameyang went into a tackle that ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-18By peachesgÖÖner
    4 days ago
  • The Princes and the PEA: who will take advantage of Auba’s absence?
    It’s disappointing news that the club’s appeal against Pierre Emerick Aubameyang’s red card has failed and he will miss the next three matches. I know I’m in a minority in thinking the ref’s original decision (yellow card) was correct after Auba’s wild tackle on the Crystal Palace midfielder Max Meyer ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-17By RockyLives
    5 days ago
  • How much do the Kroenke’s care if Arsenal are a big club?
    Here on A.A we try and keep everything as positive as possible, both in our comments and topics of conversation. However, we all know that this is not possible at all times because to ignore other, less favourable, aspects would be burying our head in the sand. I for one ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-15By peachesgÖÖner
    7 days ago
  • Can Gran-Douzi Work?
    0_Arsenal Saturday’s injury to Lucas Torreira should focus the mind on what we do when he’s not available. He went off at half time after some rough-house treatment from Crystal Palace’s players (and with the useless referee having ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-13By RockyLives
    1 week ago
  • Excessive Farce: Crystal Palace report and Player Ratings
    If Meghan and Harry have taught us anything it’s that you don’t escape from the Palace unscathed. And scathed we most certainly were: by VAR (again), by the “excessive force” rule, by an unlucky deflection (again), by injuries (again) and by erratic officiating (again). Our 1-1 draw away at Crystal ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-12By RockyLives
    1 week ago
  • Lacazette to find the back of the net …………
    Anyone who is thinking of watching this game from behind the sofa should not – in my mind – be branded a scaredycat. I think it’s fair to say that stats and predictions go out the window in these early days of Arsenal’s New Dawn under Mikel Arteta. With the ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-11By peachesgÖÖner
    2 weeks ago
  • Chambers out ….. who’s in?
    So fellow bloggers, even before Chambers’ unfortunate injury, it was thought that AFC would dive into the market to improve the CB position…Arteta kinda confirmed it in his post-match interview and rumour has it that he had made 2 demands to the board before accepting the job: one CB and ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-10By peachesgÖÖner
    2 weeks ago
  • Would Jack Grealish Be a Good Fit For Arsenal?
    Jack Grealish is backing up his good performances last season with a solid season this year. He has already recorded more goals (8) this year, has created 52 chances (4th in the EPL) but ranks ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-09By Rasp
    2 weeks ago
  • Arteta’s the man
    A win is a win is a win but boy that first half was hard to watch. From being a team that delighted us against Man U to a team that was cringe-worthy all over the pitch. No wonder Arteta shouted at them at half time, they’d gone back into ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-07By peachesgÖÖner
    2 weeks ago
  • Arsenal v Leeds pre-match
    A cup for Arsenal this year? Arteta mentioned that: “We have to be challenging for the cups and we’ll try to do that again this season. Obviously it is a competition that is very attached to this football club in recent years and we have to take it very seriously. I follow ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-06By peachesgÖÖner
    2 weeks ago
  • Who is Bielsa, the coach known as “El Loco” – the Crazy one?
    Before joining Leeds, the Argentine coached, amongst others,  Argentina, Chile, Bilbao, Lille, Marseille and Lazio (2 days only…lol) with mixed results. His trophy cabinet may be a bit light but he is still considered as one of the most influential coach in the last 20 years. Guardiola and Pochetinno often ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-05By peachesgÖÖner
    2 weeks ago
  • Arsenal’s Best FA Cup Final Goal
    It’s the third round of the FA Cup this weekend, the occasion when the big boys enter the competition, upsets can happen and unlikely heroes are made. The Arsenal has always had a special relationship with this particular trophy, having won it more times than any other club (13 times). ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-04By RockyLives
    3 weeks ago
  • Redemption Songs: Which Arsenal write-offs will be rescued by Arteta?
    Hate to say I told you so, but during some of the darker days in recent times when many supporters were happy to write off most of our first team squad as not good enough, I repeatedly maintained that they weren’t as bad as they looked. When a team is ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-03By RockyLives
    3 weeks ago
  • Happy New Era! Man Utd Report & Ratings
    Football’s a simple game, isn’t it? Have your defenders defend; have your holding midfielders hold; have your most creative player create… How strange then that it has taken so long for this rudimentary prescription to be swallowed by Arsenal. What mad chemists and quack doctors have we had attending to ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-02By RockyLives
    3 weeks ago
  • Arsenal Pre-match ……… we go again.
    Happy New Year everyone. It seems crazy to be playing another game so soon ……. the guys who fought so hard on Sunday have to find the energy and inspiration to go again. I’m pretty certain Arteta will be inspired but does he have enough willing bodies to carry out ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2020-01-01By peachesgÖÖner
    3 weeks ago
  • Five Favourite Arsenal moments from this decade ……. add your own.
    Sometimes, you just need some nostalgia, so here’s a big dollop as this decade draws to a close. These are my top five favourite Arsenal moments from this decade. Feel free to like or dislike mine and add your own in the comments. Henry returns v Leeds January 2012 This ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-12-30By peachesgÖÖner
    3 weeks ago
  • Art Breaker: Chelsea Report & Ratings
    This game brought out some emotions we haven’t felt for a while. Pride, satisfaction, enjoyment… I experienced all of those for large parts of the match – and it has been a long time since an Arsenal performance produced that effect. Then absolute heartbreak and disappointment, which again felt novel. ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-12-30By RockyLives
    3 weeks ago
  • Arsenal v Chelsea pre-match
    Match day 20 and into the second half of the season. Today we welcome Chelsea to The Home of Football. We sit 12th in the table and they are 4th with eight points between us. Doesn’t seem real does it? Oh well, we are where we are and the only ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-12-29By peachesgÖÖner
    3 weeks ago
  • Arteta or Lampard?
    Tomorrow brings an intriguing clash not just between Arsenal and Chelsea, but between the two youngest managers in the Premier League. Mikel Arteta, who will be in charge for only his second game, is 37 years old. Frank Lampard is 41 and will be sending out a Chelsea team for ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-12-28By RockyLives
    4 weeks ago
  • Arsenal Invent New Concept: Bournemouth Report & Ratings
    If I had a pound for every time I heard someone say: “How come we’re the only club that doesn’t get a New Manager Bounce?” I’d have… well, a few pounds. But everyone saying that is missing the point. The Arsenal has always been a club of innovation: first team ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-12-27By RockyLives
    4 weeks ago
  • A Boxing Day trip to the seaside ……. Bournemouth pre-match
    Football on Boxing Day is such an amazing tradition isn’t it. I can imagine, in the days before televised games, whole families striding through the streets of N5 towards Highbury. And because Amazon Prime have bought these games, they’re mostly on at 3pm today. Great if you can organise your ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-12-26By peachesgÖÖner
    4 weeks ago
  • Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to Gooners Everywhere … and a Big Thank You to Mike Steeden
    Well it’s not been an easy year to be an Arsenal supporter, but here we are still going strong, slightly battered and bruised but with renewed optimism now that Mikel’s sleigh has landed on our roof. I’ll be honest, I’ve found it difficult to maintain my input on AA at ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-12-25By Rasp
    4 weeks ago
  • The Martinelli decision – Arteta’s first big test?
    With all the doom and gloom surrounding the club and the unexpected rise to stardom of our young Brazilian some of us may have missed the fact that there is a very difficult decision approaching Arsenal and Arteta reacting to Martinelli. ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-12-24By Gööner In Exile
    4 weeks ago
  • Arsenal Fan TV … An Outlet For ‘Fans’ To Express Their Legitimate Concerns … Or An Embarrassment?
    There is widespread coverage of the away supporters confronting Robbie and his AFTV crew at the Everton game this weekend. The first point we should accept is that AFTV has a perfect right to exist and is not breaking any laws by legitimately interviewing fans on public property before and ... read more
    Source: Arsenal ArsenalPublished on 2019-12-23By Rasp
    4 weeks ago