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  • Competitive Trophy Wins In English Football
    On most criteria there are only three really big clubs in English football. These are clubs who have lived almost permanently in the top division for the last century, they’ve all done the Double (three times each for a couple of them), have had many legendary managers and players, ... read more
    Source: Angry Of IslingtonPublished on 2021-01-15By Phil
    5 days ago
  • What’s Wrong With Arsenal? Sorry, But It’s Not Just The Kroenkes
    Seems like everyone has a theory about why Arsenal are currently so bad. But although some have tried to, you can’t point the finger in one direction and say ‘That’s the cause. Sort that out and everything will be fine.’ It’s more complicated than that because the Arsenal ‘machine’ has ... read more
    Source: Angry Of IslingtonPublished on 2020-12-29By Phil
    3 weeks ago