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  • Shocking Pub, Awesome Day!
    Monday 8th October 2018 Tickets for yesterday’s game were pretty difficult to come by. Craven Cottage is a historical, traditional and classic English football stadium on the banks of the River Thames in West London and is always very popular for those reasons alone. Throw in the considerable signs that ... read more
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    1 week ago
  • Beautiful Baku
    Friday 5th October 2018 I’m writing these notes over a coffee and a typical Azerbaijani breakfast. I say breakfast, its 4.30pm. London, New York, Paris and the like are often described as cities that never sleep. Wack Baku on that list. Don’t get me wrong, the Champions League is ... read more
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    2 weeks ago
  • Winning is Good
    Saturday 29th September 2018 Do I think we were the better side this afternoon? No. Do I think we were second best on too many occasions across the ninety minutes? Yes. Am I encouraged by our defending? Partially. Has my opinion changed that if you don’t let in a goal ... read more
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    3 weeks ago
  • Back On The March
    Wednesday 26th September 2018 With 9 thousand bees in North London tonight, there was always a chance it might be a noisy old night. After 50 minutes or so however, you would hardly have noticed they were there. But, having not scored a 3rd when completely dominating, the game came ... read more
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    3 weeks ago
  • And On to The Next One
    Sunday 23rd September 2018 Every game is massive right now. So correct me if I’m wrong but I’m going home, not only with three points in the bag but with a massive feeling of, “that’s gone, onto the next one”. Did we put in a performance that everyone stands up ... read more
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    3 weeks ago
  • Thursday Club
    Friday 21st September 2018 Along with putting our first all important three points on the board in this season’s initial group stage European tour, discussions included the idea of forming a ‘Thursday Club’ for the regular pre-match build ups across the journey. All the pressing important matters get dealt with ... read more
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    4 weeks ago
  • Geordie Delight
    Sunday 16th September 2018 Please forgive me if this is inaccurate but I’m fairly sure if when checking into a hotel and you are given a room on the 7th floor, pretty much everyone would take the lift. In fact unless you have a fitness obsession, the thought of walking ... read more
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    1 month ago
  • Check This Out
    Thursday 13th September 2018 Good morning from the 8.51am Virgin Trains service from Coventry to London Euston. And very comfortable it is too. Apart from the bodily feelings some local West Midlands ale and an ill judged late night curry give you of course! There wasn’t a single thing about ... read more
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    1 month ago
  • Legendary
    Tuesday 11th September 2018 The word ‘legend’ is arguably used a little bit too often these days. For me however, it’s more down to how we perceive the word. After all, there’s plenty of us out there that have seen a mate downing pints and shots like they’re going out ... read more
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    1 month ago
  • The Wonder of Wales
    Wednesday 5th September 2018 Leaving my thoughts until a full 3 days after our most recent game has its good and bad side. Most analysis has been worded or aired a long time ago now it seems, although much of it, especially on social media, is often not perhaps as ... read more
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    1 month ago
  • Off The Mark
    Monday 28th August 2018 Last week’s showing saw us arguably in a position where points wise we should have already been off the mark. But before a ball was kicked on Saturday afternoon the league table showed us as played 2, lost 2 and zero points. So everything else is ... read more
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    2 months ago
  • Encouraging Frustration
    Sunday 19th August 2018 Travelling back down the A3 yesterday I considered writing my thoughts at that time (I wasn’t driving might I add!) Added to the fact I’m not the best traveller if I don’t look where I’m going however, was a genuine issue with actually working out what ... read more
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    2 months ago
  • A Different Level
    Sunday 12th August 2018 Confidence is not something I can claim I had before today’s season opener. Hope? Yes. Optimism? Of course. But City were simply streets ahead of us last season. And deep down I haven’t seen anything pre-season that suggested that gap has been bridged. It’s not been ... read more
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    2 months ago
  • Thank You Sweden, Let Battle Commence
    Sunday 5th August 2018 From Borehamwood to Stockholm. A journey that has taken in Singapore and Dublin makes it a funny old adventure. And one that can only mean a pre-season tour. Despite how incredible each of our overseas destinations have been, you will never find anyone who would ... read more
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    2 months ago
  • Green, Red and White
    Thursday 2nd August 2018 This trip to Dublin has ticked a few ‘first’ boxes for me. I have visited the city once before but that was back in the early nineties for a stag weekend. The 25+ years since that trip mean my memories are limited to be honest and ... read more
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    3 months ago
  • Memories New & Old
    Saturday 28th July 2018 Technically my blog’s date is inaccurate. As it’s the early hours of Sunday morning here. Equally that means my blog is highly likely to be more grammatically incorrect than usual. After all, Singapore is pretty hedonistic on a Saturday night, whether Arsenal are in town or ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-07-28By stubbsy70
    3 months ago
  • When Things Go Wrong
    Thursday 26th July 2018 Matchdays don’t always go down this line. Travel, pre-match fare and entering the ground pretty much sum up the usual routine. But this is Singapore. And it’s a friendly. Yep, a friendly. Where the squad continue their pre-season preparations. Nothing more, nothing less. So, as my ... read more
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    3 months ago
  • Singapore Vacation
    Wednesday 25th July 2018. I’ve been in Singapore since Saturday evening. Part of my annual 2 week holiday, a chance to catch up with a couple of my ex-pat friends living in this part of the world (and their recent new edition in the shape of a bonny smiley future ... read more
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    3 months ago
  • He comes from Borehamwood
    Saturday 14th July 2018 When I woke up this morning it didn’t feel like a ‘normal’ day. I openly admit I’m not at my best first thing so I wasn’t particularly looking forward to my 6.15am alarm, especially on a day where I could stay in bed if I chose ... read more
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    3 months ago
  • Summer is boring…..apparently
    Tuesday 26th June 2018 Looking back to when the final whistle blew at Huddersfield back in May or even at the legends game out in Madrid earlier this month, we all could very easily come to the conclusion there is very little to talk about before it all starts again ... read more
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    4 months ago
  • Madrid in the Sunshine
    Monday 4th June 2018 So, is this classed as the final game of last season or the first of next? Surely with a 6 week break to Borehamwood away it must be the former. But we wore our new home kit for the first time. That throws a bit of ... read more
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    5 months ago
  • Moments
    Sunday 13th May 2018 That moment. That moment when Huddersfield Town Football Club gave our manager a guard of honour when they absolutely didn’t need to. That moment when shortly after our manager diverted right, strolled purposely towards the away end, stopped just beyond the goal line and applauded and ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-05-13By stubbsy70
    5 months ago
  • Oscar Winning
    Thursday 10th May 2018 Looking back over the years I’ve always found the hardest games to analyse are those with an early sending off. And last night’s is no different. The one thing I can confirm however, is despite the fact I would want my team to win a game ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-05-10By stubbsy70
    5 months ago
  • Emotion & Pride
    Monday 7th May 2018 Back in May 1996 we took on Bolton at Highbury needing a win to secure European football the following season. With time running out and trailing 1 nil David Platt equalised and Dennis Bergkamp smashed in a beauty in front of a jubilant Clock End. And ... read more
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    5 months ago
  • Beaten
    Friday 4th May 2018 My flight home not being until Saturday afternoon means I’ve done the tourist bit today. A walk around the parks, palaces and plazas of Spain’s capital city in the sunshine. But a walk accompanied by a massive bout of disappointment and deflation. Plaza There wasn’t a ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-05-04By stubbsy70
    6 months ago
  • Not Exactly a Rarity
    Tuesday 1st May 2018 The dividing lines between being deservedly beaten, only having yourselves to blame and perhaps a tad unlucky are often very thin. But looking at the current league table, with Huddersfield to play we have not beaten any of the bottom 10 teams away from home. And ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-05-01By stubbsy70
    6 months ago
  • The Next Stop is Caledonian Road
    Thursday 26th April 2018 For those of us who use the Piccadilly Line from Arsenal station, that driver’s announcement gives a proper sense of normality to every home game. And it’s one accompanied by differing emotions depending on our result. Tonight’s is full of deflation after a result our performance ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-04-26By stubbsy70
    6 months ago
  • Mixed Up Emotions
    Tuesday 24th April 2018 I was at an auction on Friday morning. No particular reason, just my mum had never been to one before and it ticked it off her ‘bucket list’. About half an hour in and my mobile phone started to buzz like crazy. Taking a quick glance ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-04-24By stubbsy70
    6 months ago
  • I Wanna Go Home
    Sunday 15th April 2018 One of the most popular Arsenal fanzines over the years has been ‘One Nil Down Two One Up’. And I’m pretty sure it was as a result of our results in the latter stages of the 1987 league cup winning run. Well, this season we have ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-04-15By stubbsy70
    6 months ago
  • And Then Stalin Got Involved
    Saturday 14th April 2018 There are obvious reasons why coming to Moscow right now could be considered anything from risky to foolish. But the astronomical cost aside, if we lived in a media free life we would genuinely have not known there was anything to ‘worry’ about. It has been ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-04-14By stubbsy70
    6 months ago
  • Wenger this, Wenger that
    Sunday 8th April 2018 Whilst completely and totally recognising it wasn’t the best of performances or the greatest of games I thoroughly enjoyed today. Why? Well it felt a bit like the old old days. Those ‘old days’ many pine for. The ones where only those who really want to ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-04-08By stubbsy70
    6 months ago
  • No Rush
    Thursday 5th April 2018 To be a little bit disappointed that we are not 5 or 6 up could be described in many ways. And realistically somewhere between that being accurate and greed is probably about right. We played well in spells And we scored 4 goals. But although CSKA’s ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-04-05By stubbsy70
    7 months ago
  • Clapham Junction
    Sunday 1st April 2018 My title today is for no other reason than as I write these thoughts that is the station out of my train window. There are many many aspects that influence our after game analysis. One of them for me is our ability to have a little ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-04-01By stubbsy70
    7 months ago
  • An Update
    I feel like I really should keep you up to date. Well… I’ve taken a day off. Pretty much. Due to where I live a trip to London dictates that. And different to every other time I have been to Moscow, they need fingerprints as part of the VISA application. ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-03-28By stubbsy70
    7 months ago
  • On We Go
    Thursday 15th March 2018 There have been some crucial moments in both legs. And tonight that penalty decision was definitely one of them. And crucially, it went our way. But, overall, if you win a tie 5-1 you deserve to go through. Happy days. I travelled up early today. The ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-03-15By stubbsy70
    7 months ago
  • Mum’s The Word
    Sunday 11th March 2018 With the undeniable apathy surrounding our support at the moment, this is massively more apparent in our home games. Even if we use the correct ‘excuse’ that the sparse gate at home to Man City was as a result of the weather as much as anything ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-03-11By stubbsy70
    7 months ago
  • Half An Italian Job
    Saturday 10th March 2018 Sat in the reception of my hotel around 30 minutes walk from Milan’s iconic and spectacular Duomo I finally have time to reflect on what has been my 5th visit following the mighty Arsenal. Winning in stadia such as the San Siro doesn’t happen very often. ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-03-10By stubbsy70
    7 months ago
  • Triffic Pastry
    Sunday 4th March 2018 At half time, not only had we got ourselves back in the game but the Amex was definitely the first stadium I have ever visited where I could get a mighty fine pint of IPA. And when Pompey Rich announced that it was officially the best ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-03-04By stubbsy70
    8 months ago
  • A Sad Start to Spring
    Thursday 1st March 2018 To be totally taken apart by the same team for the second time in a week is tough to take. Even if it was by one of the very best sides in Europe right now. But overall it has been a night of mistakes, both on ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-03-01By stubbsy70
    8 months ago
  • Birthday Blues
    Sunday 25th February 2018 I guess it was bound to happen eventually. Even if you don’t believe in things like the law of averages. And against the best team in the country with arguably our poorest side for 20 odd years it was more likely to happen today than ever. ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-02-25By stubbsy70
    8 months ago
  • Through
    Thursday 22nd February 2018 Firstly, we won the tie 4-2 and we are into the last 16. And above everything else that is the most important thing. But that takes nothing away from the fact the perfectly capable eleven chosen for tonight’s second leg were very poor on the night. ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-02-22By stubbsy70
    8 months ago
  • Three Goals and a Tin Hat
    Saturday 17th February 2018 It’s not every day that you find yourself stood in a pub with a load of very friendly and welcoming Swedes, wearing a tin hat, as once you had chucked the tequila based shot down your neck the barman smashed you over the head with a ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-02-17By stubbsy70
    8 months ago
  • Dirty and Horrible
    Monday 12th February 2018 Chances come and go in football matches. Some are missed, some produce great saves and/or defending. And our hosts had the majority across the game on Saturday afternoon, particularly in the second half. But we had crucial moments too. Laca’s chance in injury time springs to ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-02-12By stubbsy70
    8 months ago
  • Five Star
    Tuesday 6th February 2018 When you support a team they have become so used to free flowing football and goals a plenty over the last 20 years or so, that not happening any more becomes far more noticeable than the norm. Saturday evening felt very much a case of ‘that’s ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-02-06By stubbsy70
    8 months ago
  • Awful
    Wednesday 31st January 2018 Feeling slightly rough the morning after an away game is nothing unusual. But travelling home by train I wanted ‘simple’. Hopefully now I have a seat things will improve. Having a reservation in coach J is great. But less so when coach J doesn’t exist! Although ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-01-31By stubbsy70
    9 months ago
  • Arsenal in going to Wembley Shock!
    Wednesday 24th January 2018 We’ve now played that blue team from the Russian quarter of London’s West end 5 times this season. That’s over 7 and a half hours. Ignoring a penalty shoot out, until tonight we hadn’t been victorious. But more importantly I feel, nor had they. And tonight, ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-01-24By stubbsy70
    9 months ago
  • Boring to score 4
    Saturday 20th January 2018 You wouldn’t believe how many people base their football day out on whether they catch a particular train or not. I do get it to a certain extent. Because I live on the Isle of Wight. So certain games and certain kick off times determine how ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-01-20By stubbsy70
    9 months ago
  • Beaten in Boscombe
    Tuesday 16th January 2018 Again I have chosen to let the dust settle a little before writing my thoughts on Sunday afternoon’s disaster. Choosing to air one’s opinions immediately after any game or after a few hours/days both have their positives and negatives in my book. And my choice tends ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-01-16By stubbsy70
    9 months ago
  • A Decent First Half
    Thursday 11th January 2018 Before last night’s 1st leg a friend and fellow Gooner tweeted that this was the 39th time he had seen his team play in the semi final of a competition. More importantly I feel was the fact he also admitted he was as excited, proud and ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-01-11By stubbsy70
    9 months ago
  • Three Out of Four Becomes Three Out of Five
    Tuesday 9th January 2018 Nobody has won the FA Cup more times than us. And winning it 3 times in the last 4 seasons hasn’t received the credit it deserves in my book. But whatever the reasons or views on Sunday afternoon, we will not be enjoying any trips down ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-01-09By stubbsy70
    9 months ago
  • Breathless
    Thursday 4th January 2018 Happy New Year to all. I drove to last night’s game. Or at least for most of the return journey. So only my late night ferry gave me any chance to actually write my thoughts. But even by then I was struggling to put an incredible ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2018-01-04By stubbsy70
    10 months ago
  • Man of The Match
    Sunday 31st December 2017 Firstly there are no excuses for not winning today. Even when you look at the fact a side being branded as the best in history were a missed penalty from losing at Crystal Palace today proving there are no easy games. But being one-nil up with ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-12-31By stubbsy70
    10 months ago
  • Where Eagles Die
    Thursday 28th December 2017 My train is due into Portsmouth after 1am tonight. I could go to Tiger Tiger I guess. If it is open. Or indeed if they let me in dressed as bloke who has spent a cold night at the football as I am. Maybe I should ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-12-29By stubbsy70
    10 months ago
  • Five Minutes of Madness
    Sunday 24th December 2017 Very little time to right a blog. So…..the darts was fun. The flashing gilet and brown hat went down ok. Even in the ground. My views on the match are the same as everybody else. For the vast majority we were awful. Second best and deservedly ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-12-24By stubbsy70
    10 months ago
  • Football Attire
    Wednesday 20th December 2017 The clothes we choose to wear to football have never been analysed that closely down the years. But there is definitely a huge amount that could be discussed. Much of what we wear is often influenced by the weather of course. That bit is obvious. And ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-12-20By stubbsy70
    10 months ago
  • Battling Through
    Sunday 17th December 2017 When I woke up on Thursday morning I felt proper rough. Hot sweats, cold sweats, shivers, aching limbs. Burning the candle at both ends doesn’t help I guess but I definitely had the early stages of a cold. And not just any old version of course. ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-12-17By stubbsy70
    10 months ago
  • Mary Poppins
    Wednesday 12th December 2017 I really hope West Ham go down. You will have never heard me say that before. And I apologise now to all those Hammers fans I know. But your new ground is so so bad. Shocking in fact. Even needing to visit once a season is ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-12-13By stubbsy70
    10 months ago
  • Constant Recovery
    Monday 11th December 2017 The weather has gone all a bit chilly in recent days. Something tells me it might be nothing compared to what we will experience in the northern Swedish town of Ostersund in February!! But with a draw pot full of numerous destinations we have visited before ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-12-11By stubbsy70
    10 months ago
  • Hardcore
    Thursday 7th December 2017 Tonight felt a little bit unique. But thinking about it that’s only because it has been a very very long time since I watched a first class game at home where the ground is half empty. That happened many times when we were at Highbury. Back ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-12-07By stubbsy70
    10 months ago
  • A Resultless Performance
    Sunday 3rd December 2017 If I was a Man United fan I would not only be going home not giving a flying pheasant about whether my team deserved to win the game or not. I would also argue it’s easy to dominate a game when you are two goals behind. ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-12-03By stubbsy70
    11 months ago
  • Five Star…….eventually
    Thursday 30th November 2017 If you write a blog the day after the game you have normally had the chance to sleep on it. But midweek games often have me needing to catch a late ferry home. So technically it is Thursday as I write these thoughts. But being not ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-11-30By stubbsy70
    11 months ago
  • Late Late Joy
    Monday 27th November 2017 Although I genuinely don’t mind driving to games now and again one of the only positives when fighting your way back south through the traffic from destinations as far away as Burnley is you get to think about the events you have just watched unfold before ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-11-27By stubbsy70
    11 months ago
  • Blue Thursday
    Friday 24th November 2017 Somebody out there will be able to confirm this I’m sure but in my lifetime I don’t think we have won a trophy in any season where our away kit hasn’t been yellow (or gold). Coincidental? Probably. Irrelevant? Possibly. The one thing I do know however, ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-11-24By stubbsy70
    11 months ago
  • Average Day Out
    Saturday 18th November 2017 “Come on, we’ll get the bus”. That was what i said to my dad last weekend when we went for a curry. It’s not a line any of you haven’t used before. But when you follow your team home and away every week it’s quite unusual. ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-11-18By stubbsy70
    11 months ago
  • Do Your Job
    Sunday 5th November 2017 Lots of ingredients needed to be there to get a result this afternoon. And when you are playing away to the side that is highly likely to go on and win the title one of those is the ‘rub of the green’. And with another highly ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-11-05By stubbsy70
    12 months ago
  • The Good Old Days
    Thursday 2nd November 2017 The cynical side to my persona has me thinking about all those to constantly harp on about ‘bringing back the old days’. Tonight had a crowd well less of capacity, a dreary atmosphere, a number of people having had one too many beers and a dismal ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-11-02By stubbsy70
    12 months ago
  • Turning it Around
    Sunday 29th October 2017 If you go behind and come back to win the game that is always very satisfying. And it is something we’ve had to get used to over the last 7 days. Turning round games is a good habit of course but taking the lead and keeping ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-10-29By stubbsy70
    12 months ago
  • Eddie’s Night
    Tuesday 24th October 2017 Life is about a number of things. But one of them is definitely making new memories. The league cup contains some of my very favourite down the years…..but also some I would rather forget. For a young striker trying to make his way wearing the cannon ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-10-24By stubbsy70
    12 months ago
  • The Frustrations of Football
    Sunday 22nd October 2017 This afternoon’s first half was right up there in various categories. Looking positively we were quite superb all half in creating chances. Our want to win was there in abundance and our passing and movement were magnificent at times. But a combination of desperate defending, good ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-10-22By stubbsy70
    12 months ago
  • A City of Beauties
    Friday 20th October 2017 Many cities have 2 big clubs and the rivalry that goes with it. Belgrade is no different and as a result of Olly’s acrobatic late winner our celebratory few beers were accompanied by not just begrudging offers of congratulations from the Red Star supporters who had ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-10-20By stubbsy70
    12 months ago
  • Explain that
    Really really shit. That was my answer when a lady (with kids and a dog) asked me how my day had been. I probably could have left out the first (or second) really but I’m not sure it would have been entirely accurate without it. I’m writing these notes on ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-10-14By stubbsy70
    1 year ago
  • A Fine Weekender
    Monday 9th October 2017 Whilst being very aware my blog/diary has always been about my life as an Arsenal supporter I have always been very keen to try and avoid a situation where my thoughts are no more than a match report. Consequently after much deliberation my chosen activity over ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-10-09By stubbsy70
    1 year ago
  • A Satisfactory Breather
    Monday 2nd October 2017 The last time we went into the international break it was on the back of 2 early season defeats the second of which included a day in the city of Liverpool that bordered on humiliating. Our results since then however, have been very positive and Sunday’s ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-10-02By stubbsy70
    1 year ago
  • Memorable Minsk
    Saturday 30th September 2017 Greetings from Vienna Airport. On a Saturday afternoon. With a hangover. Brought on by a Friday night in Minsk. To the people of Belarus, we thank you. You have been brilliant hosts and I can’t wait to come back. When the draw was made we ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-09-30By stubbsy70
    1 year ago
  • A Spluttering Three
    Tuesday 26th September 2017 I’ve attended hundreds of games like that one. And I’m not exaggerating. An unattractive fixture. An average performance. And three points. So I’ll take that. Monday night games have lots of negatives about them. But they do have their good side too. A football free weekend ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-09-26By stubbsy70
    1 year ago
  • Through the Gloom
    Thursday 22nd September 2017 To say I had a ‘bad feeling’ about last night is not quite accurate. I genuinely felt we would win…..but there was a degree of negativity in my overall body language. Thinking about it in bed when I struggled to get out of ‘driving mode’ in ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-09-21By stubbsy70
    1 year ago
  • A Point Well Made
    Monday 18th September 2017 Our results away at Chelsea seemed to have fluctuated in lengthy periods down the years. I remember back in the late eighties and early nineties (only in the seasons they were actually in the top flight of course) it wasn’t a happy hunting ground for us. ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-09-18By stubbsy70
    1 year ago
  • Chaos
    Friday 15th September 2017 If ever the situation off the pitch matched the performance it was last night. Chaotic is the word I would use. But, we got the result. And that will do. Thursday nights are different. I remember it was youth club night when I was a kid. ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-09-15By stubbsy70
    1 year ago
  • Something to Build On
    Monday 11th September 2017 Rarely do I find it difficult to write a blog after a decent performance and a good result. But Saturday was so comfortable and one of those matches where had we lost, drawn or even won by a small margin we would have been absolutely ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-09-11By stubbsy70
    1 year ago
  • Collective Painful Mistakes
    Tuesday 29th August 2017 At some stage during every person’s life they will experience pain. That sensation could be physical or mental of course and would be of varying degrees. But, when discussing this aspect of life it is crucial we put any example into perspective. Believe me Sunday afternoon ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-08-29By stubbsy70
    1 year ago
  • Stoked
    Tuesday 22nd August 2017 Having gathered my thoughts after Saturday evening’s excruciatingly frustrating trip to the Potteries my opinion has changed slightly to how I felt immediately after the match concluded. Those expressed via the latter means are probably full of more intense passion but are also extremely reactionary and ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-08-22By stubbsy70
    1 year ago
  • That Was a Friday
    Friday 11th August 2017 You can’t let three goals at home and expect to come away with three points. With 20 minutes to go that very line was in my head. And it still is. But, on occasion, you get a game where that is not accurate. The whole novelty ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-08-11By stubbsy70
    1 year ago
  • Never Growing Tired
    Wednesday 9th August 2017 All of a sudden there seems to be a 70s music vibe surrounding sport in this country. Swedish sensations ABBA are now associated with a penalty shoot out and after we successfully negotiated this new format, Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ is now, apparently, a fitting way ... read more
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    1 year ago
  • Weekend Winners?
    Thursday 3rd August 2017 Most of pre-season I seriously enjoy and that has been the same for many years now. The chance to attend games with no stress, the chance to travel to some incredible destinations, the whole ‘circus’ that surrounds each tour and meeting up with fellow Gooner friends ... read more
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    1 year ago
  • The Worst Mojito Ever
    Sunday 23rd July 2017 Firstly, happy birthday mum. Love you x In my experience Beijing and Shanghai do have some similarities. But overall I have found them very very different. That is matched of course by the match results. Admittedly I hate losing but for me any negative result in ... read more
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    1 year ago
  • Boiled Alive
    Thursday 20th July 2017 Sitting on my very comfortable train currently hammering it somewhere north of Shanghai I have a dilemma. My ticket price includes some food and drink and it has recently arrived. Having consumed the small packet of curry flavoured dried ‘meat’ I don’t know what to enjoy ... read more
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    1 year ago
  • Australia….it’s been emotional!
    Sunday 16th July 2017 Air China are my latest hosts as the pre-season juggernaut moves on to its next country. And as we say goodbye to that enormous island down under it is safe to say Australia has thrown up emotions from amusing to downright astonishing. 3 weeks of my ... read more
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    1 year ago
  • Let the Football Commence
    Friday 14th July 2017 Although it can be dressed up as a holiday, our great football club have been my own personal excuse for the destination for a number of years now. And that has resulted in me being extremely lucky to have visited some incredible locations around the globe. ... read more
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    1 year ago
  • Kangaroo Steak or Crocodile Schnitzel Anyone?
    Thursday 6th July 2017 Just like with my last thoughts you join onboard another aspect of travel, this time on the ‘Spirit of Queensland’ train having departed Cairns this morning. I’ll try not to bore you with too many details and I’m certainly not going to reveal photographs of me ... read more
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    1 year ago
  • Turning the World Upside Down
    Saturday 24th June 2017 There is nothing even the slightest bit entertaining about flying. So a flight to completely the other side of the globe fills me with dread. I think if I could sleep ok I would be much more positive about a form of transport where the fact ... read more
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    1 year ago
  • Never Losing Faith
    Monday 29th May 2017 It feels more than obvious to be saying winning a cup final at Wembley will live long in the memory. But in that incredibly long list that us Gooners are so fortunate to have, Saturday evening has to be right up there with the very best. ... read more
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    1 year ago
  • The Pre Match Buzz
    Friday 26th May 2017 There are a number of reasons why it has taken me so long to pen my thoughts since the Everton game last Sunday. The first is boring but genuine nonetheless. I’ve just been very very busy. Work makes up most of that but being secretary of ... read more
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    1 year ago
  • Keeping Hopes Alive
    Wednesday 17th May 2017 We didn’t score a hatful on the night. But we could have done. Given just how many chances and attempts we had across the course of the game. Just as the frustration was bordering on excruciating however, our patience paid off and the three points were ... read more
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    1 year ago
  • By a Thread
    Monday 15th May 2017 Saturday evening felt like an almost unique experience. I say almost because it wasn’t as if the atmosphere, the tactics or the play of our hosts was any different to previous visits. But on this occasion we not only matched them on that side of the ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-05-15By stubbsy70
    1 year ago
  • Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside…
    Thursday 11th May 2017 We have experienced some of our best away days down at Southampton over the years. Who can forget Rocky and Merse’s 2nd half goals on the title run in of 1989? Wrighty’s hat trick in his league debut in our colours? The sheer magic of Bergkamp ... read more
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    1 year ago
  • Always Nice
    There’s a word that is very bland. Unless it is exaggerated for comedy purposes. And even then it is all about the delivery. Bit like our second goal I guess But pundits have used it to describe Sunday afternoon’s match. That is their choice of course but sometimes I ... read more
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    1 year ago
  • Rarities
    Monday 1st May 2017 Losing away at Tottenham has happened before of course. And it will happen again in the future. So Sunday wasn’t a unique experience. I hate losing but believe me I felt worse after we got beat at West Brom or Crystal Palace. Simply because Sunday’s hosts ... read more
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    1 year ago
  • By Hook or By Crook
    Thursday 27th April 2017 Every season has games like last night. Even the all conquering league winning examples. Sometimes you are on the end of them whilst on other occasions, such as last night, you come out the other end with an important three points. So given that reasoning, I’ll ... read more
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    1 year ago
  • Seven
    Tuesday 25th April 2017 Over reactions to both victories and defeats are often talked about and there is a huge amount of truth in the fact we all do it. Consequently I felt writing my blog yesterday when my smile was still from ear to ear, or even worse on ... read more
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    1 year ago
  • Best Away Trip Ever
    Tuesday 19th April 2017 Middlesbrough away on a Monday night is about as attractive as eating uncooked chicken. But as I head south this morning I can’t describe events in any other way than it has been thoroughly enjoyable. Unless I wanted to travel through the night and pretty much ... read more
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    2 years ago