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  • A Proper Away Day
    Sunday 8th January 2017 The FA Cup will always hold a very special place in the minds of all us Gooners. My late grandfather was at Wembley for our triumphs in the thirties and 1950 and my dad still regularly describes the day Charlie belted in the winner to clinch ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-01-08By stubbsy70
    1 week ago
  • Softened Pain
    Wednesday 4th January 2017 At half time last night I went downstairs in the away end as I needed to use the facilities. I wasn’t particularly angry but I was definitely deflated and disappointed. But, a few of the game in, game out faces were there (more noticeable in a ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-01-04By stubbsy70
    2 weeks ago
  • New Year Satisfaction
    Sunday 1st January 2017 Happy New Year to all. Happier of course with three points in the bag. Feeling rough on New Years Day is not exactly unusual. So I’m not embarrassed that this morning I wasn’t at my best. I can deal with hangovers, especially if they follow a ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2017-01-01By stubbsy70
    2 weeks ago
  • You Leave With Nothing
    Thursday 29th December 2016 Chilly weather, an expanded waistline, that festive feel, a defensively strong team in your way, blatant timewasting, the opposition goalkeeper having a blinder, time running out, nerves, frustration………I quite enjoy games like that. But only if you get a late winner of course! Winning one nil ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2016-12-29By stubbsy70
    3 weeks ago
  • Omnibus Edition
    Sunday 18th December 2016 Tactically it was extremely obvious what we were going to do this afternoon. In fact it always is. That doesn’t mean I necessarily disagree with them either. Let our hosts have most of the ball, keep our defensive shape well and capitalise when we have dangerous ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2016-12-18By stubbsy70
    4 weeks ago
  • Unmarked
    Thursday 15th December 2016 We’ve got a pretty good record at Goodison Park down the years but you are only as good as your next game. And although I’ve seen us play a lot worse, we certainly didn’t do enough on Tuesday night to deserve any more than a point. ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2016-12-15By stubbsy70
    1 month ago
  • Very Satisfying
    Saturday 10th December 2016 Not many people like Stoke. Not necessarily because they do anything wrong either. Just because they are always very difficult to beat. And especially away from home, they seem to save some of their best performances for us. Not today Potters. You played well. But we ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2016-12-10By stubbsy70
    1 month ago
  • Basel – A Humbling Afterthought
    Thursday 8th December 2016 Sitting in reception of a Basel city centre hotel approximately 12 hours after I was expecting to be home indoors is altogether unexpected. But, whilst trying not to be over dramatic, at least we are safe and well. Many of the media websites detailed extremely speculative ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2016-12-08By stubbsy70
    1 month ago
  • We’re Not Spending Enough!
    Wednesday 7th December 2016 Helsinki was not a cheap weekend when we played Man City pre-season a couple of years back. Nor was Gothenburg or Stavanger. And Trondheim for Rosenborg away a few years ago gave the wallet a right caning too. But I’m not sure they were anywhere near ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2016-12-07By stubbsy70
    1 month ago
  • Olympic Gold
    Sunday 4th December 2016 Having been to the Olympic Stadium in Rome, Munich’s version along with those in Moscow, Beijing and others, I’ve never been a fan of watching football in these kind of stadia. Being a considerable distance from the pitch is just not football. London’s was built for ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2016-12-04By stubbsy70
    1 month ago
  • Out Out
    Wednesday 30th November 2016 Let’s be honest, it wouldn’t be November without a defeat. And tonight we were well beaten. No bad luck, no bad decisions, just defeated by the better side on the night. I’m not a believer in omens or atmospheres or the like but it’s amazing how ... read more
    Source: Stubbsy’s ToursPublished on 2016-11-30By stubbsy70
    2 months ago