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  • The Cali Classic; Fantasy Premier League
    It’s that time of year, and Fantasy Premier League is back!  We took it down to the wire on getting this post out, but be sure to click the autojoin links below and invite your friends!  The first match is August 11, so make sure to have your teams selected ... read more
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    1 week ago
  • The Youth Take the Summer
    As expected in the previous post, the youth have lit up the discussion following Arsenal’s summer tour friendlies against Western Sydney Wanderers, Bayern Munich, and Chelsea. Reiss Nelson came out with the most plaudits, with composed and confident performances.  He’s displaced other youth players who were supposed to be closing ... read more
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    1 week ago
  • Summer Down Under; Arsenal Touring Australia
    First and foremost, keep up with us on Twitter throughout the Arsenal summer tour in Australia! The dust has finally cleared, and the silly season is in full effect. The rumors of Frenchmen and starlets from transfer windows past is being mindlessly crammed into every newsfeed possible. Having lived through ... read more
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    1 month ago
  • Chasing the Top 4; Looking Back at Machester United
    It’s the hope that kills.  The recent run of results have the players looking confident and the fans checking the Premier League table incessantly.  It’s as if we’re going to break the code and algorithm to convince ourselves that Arsenal will make it into the top four this season.  It’s ... read more
    Source: Gooner In CaliPublished on 2017-05-15By goonerincali
    3 months ago
  • Ashburton Gove; A Day at the Arsenal (Part 3 of 3)
    After shaking hands with Charlie George, who left us in all smiles, I had to come off of the cloud that I was on because it was nearly match time! We left the ground after a short lap through the museum and took a last look at the statues on ... read more
    Source: Gooner In CaliPublished on 2017-04-26By goonerincali
    4 months ago
  • Ashburton Gove; A Day at the Arsenal (Part 2 of 3)
    The morning had been an awesome buildup of getting the layout of the Highbury area and seeing all of the Arsenal spots that I’ve spent my entire life hearing about.  I laughed to myself at each stop, thinking “the locals don’t even blink an eye at this”.  With the excitement ... read more
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    4 months ago
  • Ashburton Grove; A Day at the Arsenal (Part 1 of 3)
    The excitement built as we pulled up on the underground to Arsenal station.  It was a gloomy day, and the day of an away match, so Highbury was empty and quiet.  The town was exactly as I had seen in photos, with tight streets and uniform houses.  You could feel ... read more
    Source: Gooner In CaliPublished on 2017-03-26By goonerincali
    5 months ago
  • Arsenal Review USA Podcast with GoonerInCali
    I am stoked and very appreciative to have gotten to join Joel and Kyle on the Arsenal Review USA Podcast, in association with Arsenal America!  We recorded the day after the Liverpool match.  The situation with the manager dominated the conversation, but we were able to stay constructive and have ... read more
    Source: Gooner In CaliPublished on 2017-03-13By goonerincali
    5 months ago
  • Wenger’s Future; Change Seems Inevitable
    Speculation over the manager’s future is blazing through the fans and media. With a two-year offer reportedly on the table, the discussion until the latest results was about whether Arsene would sign it before the summer. Suddenly, we’re talking about Wenger deciding his future as soon as this month! I ... read more
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    5 months ago
  • Speed Bumps and a Bright Future
    It’s a testing week to be an Arsenal fan.  In a matter of days, the club has essentially wiped our chances of obtaining the league title this season.   Surely, this was the season that Arsene had a huge self-realization and couldn’t let It happen again!  To think that we ... read more
    Source: Gooner In CaliPublished on 2017-02-13By goonerincali
    6 months ago
  • Where the League Was Lost; A Look at Arsenal’s 15/16 Season
    “All points in the league are equally valuable!” Last season was nothing short of extraordinary.  Our 2015/2016 second place finish was beaten only by the freakish and inexplicable crusade of Leicester City.  I’d like to review exactly which matches lost us the league.  This is immediately relevant to our current ... read more
    Source: Gooner In CaliPublished on 2017-01-30By goonerincali
    7 months ago
  • Keeping it Classy; Contracts for Ozil, Sanchez, and Giroud
    How has Giroud’s contract slipped under the media radar?  His current form and acceleration to world status over a relatively short period of time have earned him the right to be in the conversation.  The media frenzy is focusing on only Ozil and Sanchez, by way of Wenger.  The actual ... read more
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    7 months ago
  • Head2Head with RunRideDive
    With the Christmas period stocked full of matches, we’ll be joining Dirk and Marcel on for two rounds of their Head2Head competition!  Keep an eye on this post and others for links as the match weeks begin.  Review our predictions, and let us now through comments on the website ... read more
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    8 months ago
  • Boxing Day; Letting the Clock Tick Down
    ‪It is a fortunate coincidence that the adopted blog schedule fell directly on one of my favorite days of the year – Boxing Day! After a couple of dragging results, it was a treat to see Wenger switch up the lineup to start Giroud and Gibbs! ‬ We dominated the ... read more
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    8 months ago
  • Stoke City; Three wins on the Trot
    The victory against Stoke brings us to three definitive wins in a row.  It is reasonable to claim that we disposed of the opposition in all three matches. This occurred, mind you, amid the notorious November form and the news that Santi Cazorla would be undergoing surgery. Against the odds, ... read more
    Source: Gooner In CaliPublished on 2016-12-12By goonerincali
    8 months ago
  • Bournemouth at the Emirates; Breaking the Run of Draws
    Bournemouth came out with pace against another surprising lineup. I mentioned that it looks like Wenger is trying to prove to his squad that he has a squad! All joking aside, rotation was very necessary and it was the highlight of the outing. Xhaka, Elneny, Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Debuchy got the ... read more
    Source: Gooner In CaliPublished on 2016-11-28By goonerincali
    9 months ago
  • North London Derby to the Bland Period
    It’s been quite the week in this world, with the US presidential election dominating the media.  It’s amazing how far of a reach this controversial reality tv show reaches.  There aren’t really the highs or lows of winning or losing.  Most are just reserved and disinterested, but curious to see ... read more
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    9 months ago
  • The Arsenal Daily; GoonerInCali Featured on the Blog!
    We’re delighted to announce that GoonerInCali will be featured on The Arsenal Daily (previously blog.  This comes as perfect timing with the North London Derby and what is sure to be an exciting season. Stevo has done an amazing job establishing and managing The Gunners 247, and has been gracious enough ... read more
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    9 months ago
  • A Brace of Braces; Sunderland Away
    A brace for Alexi and a brace for Giroud off the bench is the forward performance that the fans have been dreaming of for years.  The Sunderland match over the weekend magnified the squad depth that we are still getting used to utilizing.  The rotation that Arsene has allowed us ... read more
    Source: Gooner In CaliPublished on 2016-10-31By goonerincali
    10 months ago
  • Swansea at Home; Arsenal’s New Look
    With two tight victories in a row, there is a lot to be happy about. Win at all costs, with fluidity as a unit.  The Arsenal are undefeated since the opening match of the season and are looking forward to a favorable group of home fixtures in succession. A casual ... read more
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    10 months ago
  • Full 90 Gooner Interlull Podcast
    I could get used to this!  Following up strong from getting to join the boys on the Gunners Down Under podcast (click here for post/episode)!  Mario and I had an awesome time discussing the first team, our current form, Arsene Wenger’s 20 years in charge of the club, and some regrets ... read more
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    10 months ago
  • A Narrow Victory and Positives At the Top
    It was not a historic performance that saw us recover ground on the league leaders.  The match against Burnley was not a failure for Ozil and it wasn’t even a failure for Wenger.  The insisted approach to the match was to maintain the formation and system that the squad had ... read more
    Source: Gooner In CaliPublished on 2016-10-07By goonerincali
    10 months ago