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  • Nelson Has One Eye On A First Team Opportunity
    It’s Wednesday evening and I am watching my second Champions League match of the day. It’s a very strange feeling to say the least. Casually, I wonder if Ivan and Arsene are watching and have the same feeling? After nineteen consecutive campaigns we are the little boy with his face pressed ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-08-15By 'holic
    1 day ago
  • Cunning Gunners Edge Out Sly Foxes In A Drama
    Mesut Ozil’s recovery saw the only change to the line-up suggested in the preview as he replaced Alex Iwobi in the advanced midfield role. That team started in impressive fashion and Alexandre Lacazette’s Premier League debut was only two minutes old when he he grabbed his first competitive goal for the ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-08-11By 'holic
    5 days ago
  • The Arsenal Have To Make Progress – Starting Friday
    The preparation is over, and the real work starts now for Arsenal who need to hit the ground running on Friday. Disappointingly, given the number of fitness and conditioning staff we now employ, we go into the new season with serious level of fitness issues. According to we head the ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-08-09By 'holic
    1 week ago
  • Arsenal Put Chelsea On The Spot To Win Again At Wembley
    The Gunners went into the Community Shield without Laurent Koscielny, Skhodran Mustafi, Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil, and Alexis. Let’s hope we are able to field a stronger line-up next Friday. Petr Cech started against his former club behind a back three of Rob Holding, Per Mertesacker, and Nacho Monreal. That ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-08-06By 'holic
    1 week ago
  • Arsenal v Chelsea At Wembley – Again!
    A few days gathering rust completed, it’s good to be back to preview the FA Community Shield against Chelsea at Wembley. Some would try to elevate the status of what is essentially a last chance to work on some things before the season kicks off properly. Victory next Friday is ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-08-05By 'holic
    2 weeks ago
  • A Boy’s First Match – TTG
    Again I owe at very least a debt of gratitude to our very own TTG for helping out with an excellent piece as I chill big time in the West Country. I think you will enjoy it at least as much as a very mellow me. Let’s go back to ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-08-02By 'holic
    2 weeks ago
  • We Lost, Yet Still Won
    It is wonderful being on holiday in the west country. Unless Arsenal are on television and you want to follow the match on Cornish wifi, or tortoisenet as it is also known. I caught something like twenty minutes of oft-buffered action which the Arsenal won by a first Laca goal ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-07-31By 'holic
    2 weeks ago
  • A High Five For Happy Gunners
    As expected the Gunners started a squad eleven against Benfica on day one of the Emirates Cup. On a damp North London afternoon we started the brighter, but a shock or two lay in store. As early as the fourth minute Reiss Nelson and Theo Walcott combined to provide a ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-07-29By 'holic
    3 weeks ago
  • It’s Coming Home!
    Back from the tour of Australia and China, the Arsenal prepare to walk out at home on Saturday in the Emirates Cup against Benfica and Sevilla, with RB Leipzig also facing those two teams. Arsenal Wenger was interviewed by Arsenal Player today and commented on the nature of that journey. ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-07-27By 'holic
    3 weeks ago
  • Football Is Hemorrhaging Too Much Of The Wealth It Is Creating
    It’s been a crazy few days which promise to get even crazier in the final month of the transfer window. Neymar to Qatar Saint Germaine at around 230m euros? Maybe with an over-priced Verratti making the reverse journey. Real Madrid reported, falsely as it turned out according to Monaco, agreeing ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-07-25By 'holic
    3 weeks ago
  • A Day At School For The Young Guns
    The Gunners lined up against a very strong looking Chelsea starting eleven in Beijing. Again our squad was utilised fully, with David Ospina between the posts, and Ainsley Maitland-Niles playing on the right-hand side of Per Mertesacker and Nacho Monreal in the back three. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Cohen Bramall were selected ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-07-22By 'holic
    4 weeks ago
  • Emirates Cup VIP Tickets Up For Grabs And Beijing, We Are In You
    The Arsenal are hosting their pre-season tournament, the Emirates Cup, on Saturday July 29th and Sunday July 30th. We’ve already teamed up with the Gunners to offer one lucky reader a pair of VIP tickets to the first day of the tournament, in Club Level at Emirates Stadium. Now ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-07-21By 'holic
    4 weeks ago
  • Arsenal Spot On To Beat Bayern And Emirates Cup Tickets
    Shanghai provided a day of mixed blessings for the touring Gunners. A number of players were laid low by a spot of food poisoning which forced the late withdrawal of Per Mertesacker from the fixture against Bayern Munich. The Arsenal went into the match with Petr Cech starting behind a ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-07-19By 'holic
    4 weeks ago
  • Wizards Enjoy Aus
    Once again I am indebted to our very own Sydney Red who saw his team for the second time in 48 hours and now after the feast faces famine until the Gunners make the journey down under again. I’m sure after this hugely successful leg of the pre-season tour it ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-07-16By 'holic
    1 month ago
  • Sydney Red’s Pitch Side View As Laca Opens Account
    A huge thanks to one of our own, Sydney Red, for his take on our opening tour match in the city he now calls home. Where do I start? As we parked close to the stadium, and walked a short distance it was very clear that Arsenal were in ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-07-14By 'holic
    1 month ago
  • Here We Go Again – A Pre-Season Of Ups And Downs?
    Forty seven days. That’s not even seven weeks for goodness sake. The ‘never-ending’ close season is, erm, ending. It’s gone by in a flash and we can celebrate a new coach, high performance guru (how many is that now?) and two shiny new players who look as though they will be ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-07-12By 'holic
    1 month ago
  • It’s Coming Home, If You’re An Aussie!
    The end of another glorious weekend, weatherise, and whisper it softly, but the last weekend without Arsenal football until next May! Seven pre-season matches kick off with a tour of Australia and China in the next fortnight. On Thursday morning at 11.00 (it’s 8pm local time) we play Sydney FC. ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-07-09By 'holic
    1 month ago
    The Arsenal are hosting their pre-season tournament, the Emirates Cup, on Saturday July 29th and Sunday July 30th. We’ve teamed up with the Gunners to offer one lucky reader a pair of VIP tickets to the first day of the tournament, in Club Level at Emirates Stadium. Taking part ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-07-06By 'holic
    1 month ago
  • Nearly
    It’s been a nearly day for supporters of the Arsenal. We have nearly, if usually reliable journalists are on the money, clinched the signature of Alexandre Lacazette. The French international is said to have undergone a medical at Shenley today, but that may have run into a second day as ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-07-04By 'holic
    1 month ago
  • Apologies
    This was supposed to be a post on last night’s Q&A with Ivan Gazidis and an excellent follow-up session with the one and only Romford Pele. Apologies. Instead it is only a selfish, and brief, tirade against an organisation that rode roughshod through ten years worth of work on this ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-06-30By 'holic
    2 months ago
  • Same Old Story
    We’ve seen this film before. England versus Germany goes to penalties. This time it is the U21s denied in the cruellest fashion in the European Championship semi-final. Forgive me overseas ‘holics, but our success in the U20 World Cup had set up (once more, unrealistic) hopes of another tournament triumph. Calum Chambers ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-06-27By 'holic
    2 months ago
  • Alexis The Key To Our Summer Business?
    It’s summer, and for me in recent years the lack of the Arsenal has allowed me to spend time experimenting with new tastes. This evening it was a balti naan, two products I have enjoyed before but not in a kind of Asian calzone. Very tasty, and followed up with a ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-06-24By 'holic
    2 months ago
  • Move Along, Nothing To See Here
    “You need to do a new post, you do.” Do I? What about? “About the Arsenal, of course!” But they’re not doing anything newsworthy at the moment. “What about all those new signings they are being linked with?” What new signings? Kolasinac, good player, great deal. Nobody else has signed. ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-06-19By 'holic
    2 months ago
  • He Loves Us, He Loves Us Not
    Forgive me if I am a little confused this evening at something of a non-story. The Arsenal have announced that we will receive an allocation of 28,300 tickets for the FA Community Shield against Chelsea at Wembley on Sunday August 6th. That makes it almost the equivalent of the number ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-06-15By 'holic
    2 months ago
  • A Mixed Day For England Against Their Oldest Foes
    So, I’ve taken a breather, enforced by a combination of wonderful cricket and the election here. I’ve been riling a lot of people about the latter so it is off limits on the blog. It’s a football blog after all. I don’t want to lose half of my readership! It’s been ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-06-10By 'holic
    2 months ago
  • A City United, Real’s Night, And Mr Arsenal
    The awful events of last night in and around London Bridge were a reminder that in the happiest of times we need to remain vigilant and aware of the acts of others. The response has been predictably both understanding and yet defiant at the same time. London will not be ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-06-04By 'holic
    2 months ago
  • Supporting The Arsenal Next Season? Of Course
    David Ornstein’s piece on the BBC website about Arsene Wenger signing on for a further two years has not surprisingly poked the hornets nest that is Twitter. If and when the confirmation is released by Arsenal the warm glow of a magnificent performance on Saturday will leave some, that seems ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-05-30By 'holic
    3 months ago
  • The Thin Red Line Proves Substantial
    The day didn’t start well. A massive thunderstorm shook me from my slumber at 5am. With a taxi booked for just after eight there was no point in trying to get back to the land of nod. Coach to Reading, train to Paddington, and two underground journeys later I ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-05-28By 'holic
    3 months ago
  • Will Arsenal or Chelsea Pay The Penalty?
    A plate of scampi and several pints into Cup Final eve I suppose I have to arrive at a ‘holic pound. It’s been a pretty nerve-jangling week, and as if we haven’t lost enough experience at the back now this evening I see the rumours that David Ospina may ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-05-26By 'holic
    3 months ago
  • Where There Is Hope…
    Less than 48 hours to go, and the nerves, I will confess, are starting to build. As preparation weeks go this has not been the best. Every day it seems someone else is a doubt for the match, but still that last drop of hope refuses to evaporate. If ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-05-25By 'holic
    3 months ago
  • They Think It’s All Over
    What a strange but largely enjoyable day. That it ended with no Champions League place for the first time in nineteen years seemed to have been accepted long before we took to the pitch. My view of the day may differ from others because I had the advantage of an ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-05-22By 'holic
    3 months ago
  • The End Is Nigh – A Tense Day Beckons
    It seems like the League started yesterday, when an under-prepared team were edged out in a seven goal exchange with Liverpool. How pivotal it looks as though that result was now. Despite the nineteen match unbeaten run that followed it we find ourselves going into the last game of the ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-05-19By 'holic
    3 months ago
  • Pickford’s Brilliant Evening Almost Creates An Upset
    Alexis was declared fit to start against Sunderland, possibly by himself! The Gunners showed two changes from the eleven that started at Stoke. Kieran Gibbs, as expected, came in for Laurent Koscielny with Nacho Montreal switching to the back three. Aaron Ramsey returned in place of Francis Coquelin. With Manchester ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-05-16By 'holic
    3 months ago
  • Will We Mackem Suffer?
    Can we do it on a balmy Tuesday night in North London? More in hope than in expectation we have to put already-relegated Sunderland to the sword to take the slim possibility of fourth place to Sunday. Arsene Wenger summed up our predicament when asked in the pre-match press conference about ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-05-15By 'holic
    3 months ago
  • Stoke Handed A Proper Beating By Rampant Gunners
    There were four changes for the trip to Stoke. Laurent Koscielny returned to the back three so Nacho Monreal replaced Kieran Gibbs at left wing-back, and Hector Bellerin replaced the rested Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain as expected. Francis Coquelin got the nod over Aaron Ramsey, and Olivier Giroud came in for Danny Welbeck ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-05-13By 'holic
    3 months ago
  • Gunners Need Discipline And Focus – It’s That Away Game Again
    “We have to show character again. We know we have to play to win the games, so let’s keep the focus on the way we want to play and on our team spirit.” Arsene Wenger knows that the trip to Stoke represents, in theory, the toughest of our remaining three ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-05-12By 'holic
    3 months ago
  • Fifth Placed Gunners Taking It To The Wire?
    Arsene Wenger made the one expected change for the visit to St Mary’s Stadium, bringing in fit-again Skhodran Mustafi for the injured Laurent Koscielny. The captain’s armband was taken by Petr Cech in Koscielny’s absence. In the opening minute we survived a scare when Bertrand’s fierce cross from the left ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-05-10By 'holic
    3 months ago
  • Saints Next On The Pitch But Continuing Chaos Off It
    It has been an interesting day as people have been digesting and assessing Arsene Wenger’s press conference ahead of the visit to Southampton on Wednesday evening. It is yet another ‘must win’ fixture for the Gunners as the pressure builds both on and off the pitch, it would appear. The ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-05-09By 'holic
    3 months ago
  • The Arsenal Stadium Mystery – Where Did That Come From?
    Where did that come from? What a difference a week makes. Humiliated by the neighbours a week ago, an entirely different Arsenal turned up to end Arsene Wenger’s ‘never beaten Mourinho in the Premier League’ record. This was a performance to savour too. A rare beast of ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-05-08By 'holic
    3 months ago
  • Time To Break The Mourinho Bogey
    With all that is going on around him at the moment I doubt Arsene Wenger is overly thrilled to come up against a manager he has yet to beat in a Premier League fixture. The loathsome Mourinho brings what he says will be a squad team to the Grove on ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-05-05By 'holic
    3 months ago
  • Fragile Arsenal Second Best On Last Trip To The Lane
    Arsene Wenger made changes from a close victory against Leicester City for the North London derby. Out went Hector Bellerin, Francis Coquelin, and Theo Walcott. Back came Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Aaron Ramsey, and Olivier Giroud. The latter was a controversial pick but was surely in with an eye on Tottenham’s aerial ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-04-30By 'holic
    4 months ago
  • NLD 193, Arsene Wenger’s 50th, Can Arsenal Extend Winning Run to Four?
    Between 1897 and 1903 we made seven visits to the Middlesex marshlands in various minor leagues. The first Football League visit of Arsenal to the neighbours-to-be took place at White Hart Lane on 16th April 1910, some three years before we really wound them up by moving within four miles of ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-04-28By 'holic
    4 months ago
  • Last Gasp Gunners Keep Top Four Chase Alive
    Arsene Wenger rested tired legs for the visit of Leicester City. In came Hector Bellerin, Kieran Gibbs, Francis Coquelin, and Theo Walcott for Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Rob Holding,  Aaron Ramsey, and Olivier Giroud. Nacho Monreal switched to one of the back three. It was the visitors who got the first chance ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-04-26By 'holic
    4 months ago
  • Can The Gunners Feelgood Factor Do For Leicester?
    Still basking in the afterglow of Sunday? I know I am, but the players have no time to reflect on just what they achieved on Sunday as they prepare for the visit of the champions, Leicester City, on Wednesday. When the Foxes came calling last season the match had even ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-04-25By 'holic
    4 months ago
  • The Gunners Book A Return Visit To Wembley
    Good morning. You can spot the Arsenal supporters this morning. We are the ones with a smile wide enough to insert a banana sideways. Of all the good days I have been following the club that was right up there with the best. It helped that my company from lunchtime ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-04-24By 'holic
    4 months ago
  • I Like Our FA Cup Final Record Against Chelsea
    Well, as evening’s go that wasn’t so bad after all. The bus stop in Fulham somehow managed to beat a far superior Middlesex team which must have absolutely infuriated our friends in the north. One can only hope that shattering defeat has ramifications for next Sunday. Let’s worry about that ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-04-22By 'holic
    4 months ago
  • Mixed Feelings About Wembley
    “My memories are the old Wembley because it’s the first time I played in 98 I think against Newcastle in the Final. When I was a kid I watched the games at Wembley on television so that (98 Final) was the first time for me to reach Wembley. Now we ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-04-20By 'holic
    4 months ago
  • As It Happened – The Gunners Win Away At Last
    Arsene Wenger swung the axe for the trip to the Riverside. Petr Cech and Laurent Koscielny returned from injury, and there were recalls for Rob Holding, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Aaron Ramsey, and Olivier Giroud. Out went Emiliano Martinez, Hector Bellerin, Skhodran Mustafi, Mohamed Elneny, Theo Walcott, and Danny Welbeck. There was ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-04-17By 'holic
    4 months ago
  • Down To Seventh, The Gunners Need A Performance
    Four in a row. It was a game I loved when I was a pup. Now it means the number of away league defeats we have suffered in our current run I am less enamoured with it. We need a gloom lifting performance in Middlesbrough on Monday evening, especially after ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-04-15By 'holic
    4 months ago
  • Lessons For The Greatest
    I remember with some sadness the decision of Muhammad Ali to come out of retirement and fight Larry Holmes to try and claim the world heavyweight title for a record fourth time. In order to get the ok to box again Ali underwent a physical examination in the Mayo Clinic. He ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-04-11By 'holic
    4 months ago
  • Embarrassing And Shameful
    Arsene Wenger went with an unchanged team for the trip to Selhurst Park following last week’s defeat of West Ham United. The Gunners started the match seven points and two places behind fourth-placed Manchester City with two games in hand. Another three points were sorely needed. The experienced Cabaye, once ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-04-10By 'holic
    4 months ago
  • The Second Of Twelve? Gunners Off To The Palace
    As Saturdays go that wasn’t a great one if you are still praying for the annual neighbours meltdown. At Arsene’s press conference on Friday the point was made that we are actually two points better off after 29 matches than we were last season. Two points isn’t that much progress ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-04-08By 'holic
    4 months ago
  • Alexis And Ozil Combine To Inspire Gunners Against Woeful Hammers
    As forecast on Tuesday Arsene Wenger was forced to pick Emiliano Martinez in goal with Gabriel drafted in for the injured skipper, Laurent Koscielny. Mohamed Elneny came in for Francis Coquelin but otherwise the team was the one that drew with Manchester City on Sunday. Matt Macey, the fourth choice ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-04-05By 'holic
    4 months ago
  • Time To Press The Irons
    A full midweek programme of Premier League fixtures throws together two under-pressure managers as the Gunners host West Ham United. Arsene Wenger would not have wanted a deepening injury crisis but that is exactly what he appears to be facing. With Petr Cech ruled out already the news that David ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-04-04By 'holic
    4 months ago
  • I Chose To Have An Enjoyable Day With Friends Old And New
    With apologies for the delay here are a few thoughts on the draw against Manchester City. My day was certainly more enjoyable than a lot of others according to what I saw on social media on the homeward journey. A stroll around the spiritual home that is Highbury always ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-04-03By 'holic
    5 months ago
  • A Vital Big Match Test For Wenger’s Arsenal
    The return of real football is imminent, and what a task faces the recently misfiring Gunners at home to Manchester City. With all that is going on around the club at the moment you could be forgiven for thinking that the team will be up against more than just City and ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-03-31By 'holic
    5 months ago
  • Talk About Conflicting Emotions – No, Don’t!
    I’m not sure if I am progressing joylessly into my latter years turning prematurely Meldrew, or if things really are utterly depressing at the moment. I’ll not dwell on Brexit on this platform other than to say I firmly believe we would have been better off trying to change Europe’s ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-03-29By 'holic
    5 months ago
  • When Charlie Was Our Darling At City
    We are a week away from the first of two crucial fixtures against Manchester City in the month of April. Whilst next week we will be looking for three valuable points in our fading bid for a top four finish the second meeting will provide the opportunity to progress to ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-03-26By 'holic
    5 months ago
  • Poldi Still Packs Der Hammer
    So, extremely tired, I thought I would watch Germany playing England last night. I have taken to not watching them all the time now because frankly watching England in 2017 reflects watching Arsenal in 2017. They rarely play attractive football and psychologically they are way below the level they need ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-03-23By 'holic
    5 months ago
  • Perhaps Alfie Can Help Me Out Here?
    Has this two week international break come at a good time for Arsenal? For the football club, possibly, but not where the supporters are concerned. It’s a fortnight before the players, rightly condemned for their no-show at the Hawthorns on Saturday, can show they have the ability to bounce back ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-03-20By 'holic
    5 months ago
  • Gutless Gunners Fourth Defeat In Five
    News broke early that Mesut Ozil would miss the trip to the Hawthorns. Arsenal Wenger explained that he had picked up a minor hamstring niggle in training yesterday. The manager also opted for a very flexible potential front three of Theo Walcott, Danny Welbeck, and Alexis. I doubt the players would ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-03-18By 'holic
    5 months ago
  • Time To Turn The League Form Around
    “We now want to focus on the championship again and forget about the cup a little bit. We have a good month to come back in a strong position in the Premier League.” Arsene Wenger, talking to, sums up where the focus lies going into a run of five ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-03-17By 'holic
    5 months ago
  • Is Manchester City The Best FA Cup Semi-Final For The Arsenal?
    I am starting writing this, whatever this becomes, at half-time in Monaco. Yes, I am a bit of a masochist watching this week’s Champions League ties after our mauling by Bayern Munich. I’m glad I did though. There is no doubt both matches involving the English clubs have produced absolute ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-03-15By 'holic
    5 months ago
  • The Yellow Ribbons Are Wembley-Bound Again
    Stepping out onto Holloway Road three hours before kick-off it was evident just what this game meant to the good folk of Lincoln. Families bedecked in red and white stripes were everywhere. In the pub more familiar faces gathered to witness the first-half of the rugby before decamping to the ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-03-12By 'holic
    5 months ago
  • Ox The Key To Safe Passage For The Gunners
    “We’re professional people, we’re winners, we expect to win, we’re used to winning, we like winning, we enjoy winning, our lives are better when we’re winning.” One of the managers is sounding particularly bullish ahead of Saturday evening’s FA Cup quarter-final. “We go to Arsenal with a game plan, and ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-03-10By 'holic
    5 months ago
  • Bravado But Then We Kiss Good Bayern To The Champions League Again
    UEFA, I have a plea. You’re flagship competition is sponsored by the world’s leading brewers, and those of us who have no option but to watch a team that has devised ever more ways to tumble out of the competition in the round of sixteen need something stronger than the ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-03-08By 'holic
    5 months ago
  • Any Win Would Lift The Spirits Around The Arsenal
    I can remember Sunday 15th May 2016 as if it were yesterday. We needed to take a point at home to already-relegated Aston Villa to clinch third place and the neighbours needed a point at already-relegated Newcastle to become Premier League runners-up. I went through every single emotion that day. ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-03-06By 'holic
    5 months ago
  • Another Painful Defeat For Dejected Gunners
    Arsene Wenger had clearly decided to shake things up for a very important fixture. The back five were as expected but ahead of them there were no starting places for Mesut Ozil (ill?), Alexis, or Theo Walcott. Ahead of Francis Coquelin and Granit Xhaka were Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Alex Iwobi, Danny ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-03-04By 'holic
    6 months ago
  • Out of Form and Under Fire – Liverpool And Arsenal
    Twelve days after ending Sutton United’s FA Cup dreams we are finally back in action again in the north-west on a Saturday live on television. What could possibly go wrong? Well if that sounds nervous it isn’t meant to. Would you believe it if I told you on our last ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-03-03By 'holic
    6 months ago
  • Irresponsible Sky Shaft Travelling Gooners Again
    As if we needed reminding that the television companies give not a damn for travelling supporters, the latest batch of fixture changes will have come as affirmation of that fact. Arsenal v Manchester City being switched to a Sunday at 4pm is understandable, I suppose. It is one of the ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-02-28By 'holic
    6 months ago
  • Please Let German Video Referee Trial Lead To Improved Officiating
    I have a very old drum here that I simply have to bang again having watched the EFL Cup Final being decided by officiating errors rather than the excellent football that was played. Southampton will long feel hard done by, and football supporters everywhere will understand their feelings of disappointment ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-02-26By 'holic
    6 months ago
  • Santi And Mo Out – Kos And Rambo Back Soon?
    Southampton’s journey to the EFL Cup Final has robbed us of a weekend fixture so the internet is rife with speculation rather than much hard news. Injuries continue to be the most tangible snippets out there. Reports that Santi Cazorla is out for the remainder of the season will surprise ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-02-23By 'holic
    6 months ago
  • Deacon Causes Problems As Arsenal Do A Professional Job
    Arsene Wenger’s mix and match selection was a good mix of youth and experience, it appeared, ahead of the match at Gander Green Lane. In front of David Ospina a back four of Gabriel, Skhodran Mustafi, Rob Holding, and Nacho Monreal, were backed up on the bench by Mathieu Debuchy, ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-02-20By 'holic
    6 months ago
  • Craig Eastmond Backing Arsene Wenger Before Plotting Huge Upset
    At last there is some real football to distract us from the general air of gloom surrounding the club at the moment. An incedible Saturday in the FA Cup saw a non-league team advance away against a Premier League club and a League One club defeat the champions. While Sunday’s ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-02-19By 'holic
    6 months ago
  • Arsene, Forget Being Selfless And Let Us Celebrate Your Achievements, Not Fight Over Them
    The car was in for an annual service and MOT today, so I got to have a holiday and catch the Arsene Wenger press conference live. I’m not quite sure what people were expecting to hear, or rather I probably do, but it was never going to be more than ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-02-17By 'holic
    6 months ago
  • Humiliated Again – Gunners Capitulate In Second Half
    The announcement of the starting eleven meant Bayern, and most Arsenal supporters, were still facing the possibility of a 4-3-3 formation as well as the normal 4-2-3-1. As the match kicked off it looked very much a case of the latter, with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on the right flank and Alex ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-02-15By 'holic
    6 months ago
  • The Usual ‘Let’s Hope We Do It In Munich’ Post
    It’s February, so we are playing either Bayern Munich or Barcelona, right? Let me just check the fixture list, ah, It’s Bayern again. But we’re away in the first leg, so that means we have done pretty well in the group stage this season. Had we not pinched the top ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-02-14By 'holic
    6 months ago
  • Alexis Brace Does For Fighting Tigers
    Cup of tea. The first requirement of the morning. It’s a Sunday morning look back at the day before, so forgive me if some of the events of yesterday have been ‘dissolved’. On reaching the usual pre-match hostelry almost bang on opening time I ran into a face I haven’t ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-02-12By 'holic
    6 months ago
  • Gunners Need To See Off Much Improved Tigers
    Right, we can sit here moaning about Arsene, Arsenal, the weather, the economy, and all the rest. Instead we have a game to prepare for, players and supporters alike. It’s become quite an important one too. Consecutive defeats have once again cast us into what looks like being an incredible ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-02-10By 'holic
    6 months ago
  • The Stars Of The Future Enjoy A Night At An Academy
    My thanks to one of our own, the inimitable Ttg, for telling the story of his grandson’s goalscoring exploits against the Arsenal, no less. A wonderful insight into an evening and an opportunity never available to those of us of a certain age. I hope you enjoy it as much ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-02-09By 'holic
    6 months ago
  • Unlucky Mo Back To Boost Misfiring Gunners?
    Watching Mohamed Elneny in action for Egypt in Sunday’s African Cup of Nations Final was a roller-coaster experience. His elation at putting his side in front in the first-half was the bright spot of the weekend for many Gooners. I couldn’t help but wonder what condition he would be in ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-02-07By 'holic
    6 months ago
  • We’ve Passed This Way Before
    Arsene Wenger went with the ten fit players who battered Chelsea at the Grove sixteen League matches ago with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain occupying the midfield berth vacated by Santi Cazorla. Lucas, surprisingly, did not make the bench as Arsene opted for two defenders, midfielders, and forwards. What would follow would define ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-02-04By 'holic
    6 months ago
  • A Proverbial Six Pointer With Huge Potential Consequences
    It’s turned into a week of difficult pieces to put together. Before Tuesday night we were a team gathering a head of steam ahead of a monster of a match at the bus stop in Fulham. Now we go into a match against unquestionably the form team of the moment ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-02-03By 'holic
    6 months ago
  • The Longest Night?
    Twenty-four hours on. You expected my mood might have improved, that I would find the words to at least try and make sense of last night, But I’m afraid not. With apologies for starting off me, me, me, I should put what follows into some context. The match started a ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-02-01By 'holic
    7 months ago
  • Watford And Sutton On The Arsenal Horizon
    What a draw for the fifth round of the FA Cup. Sutton United must be totally jubilant, and Craig Eastmond will be absolutely delighted to get a crack at one or two of his old team mates. Roarie Deacon and Jeffrey Monakana are also former young guns in the squad. ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-01-30By 'holic
    7 months ago
  • Welbeck And Walcott Demonstration Of Finishing Breaks Saints
    Arsene Wenger gave Steve Bould a much-changed team to oversee at St Mary’s. Skhodran Mustafi was the only player to keep his place from last week. There were not even places on the bench for Petr Cech, Laurent Koscielny, Francis Coquelin, Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil, or Olivier Giroud. Martin Keown ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-01-28By 'holic
    7 months ago
  • A Bould Test of Gunners Squad Strength
    Another FA Cup weekend looms, along with all the anticipation and hope that it brings. For some there is still a bit of an aura surrounding this competition. The prospect of another Wembley Final is always an appealing one. Perhaps a little bit of the gold dust is missing for we ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-01-27By 'holic
    7 months ago
  • The AST Safe-Standing Survey – Please Complete It
    With a little help from their friends the Arsenal Supporters Trust today launched     a survey into current views of Arsenal supporters about the prospect of having a safe-standing trial at the Arsenal. This is obviously just the first step in a campaign that will take time to come to fruition. ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-01-25By 'holic
    7 months ago
  • I Don’t Get Moss, Moans Stones Fan
    A strange yet also wonderful weekend took a variety of turns on it’s final afternoon. After a delayed journey caused a complete reorganisation of the timetable I found myself in the stomach, if not the bowels, of our no longer new home. Friends of distinction came and we shared the ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-01-22By 'holic
    7 months ago
  • Gunners Given Opportunity To Go Second
    What a Saturday that turned out to be. Liverpool beaten and there were draws for Manchester United, Manchester City, and the neighbours from Middlesex. I only watched two matches, at Stoke and the Emptihad, and in both matches massive penalty shouts were denied by officials who must surely have seen ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-01-21By 'holic
    7 months ago
  • Saints It Is And Another Hoodoo Needs Breaking
    So it will be a trip south rather than east in the fourth round of the FA Cup. It took Southampton until the second of four added minutes to see off Championship team Norwich City in front of 13517 lonely souls. It is an opportunity to gain revenge for our ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-01-18By 'holic
    7 months ago
  • Swans Eventually Routed But Maybe At A Cost?
    We took to the pitch at the Liberty with our first choice back five in situ again. Olivier Giroud was retained up front with Alexis and Alex Iwobi notionally occupying the flanks. To say the match started slowly is a huge understatement. It didn’t really get going until the 28th ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-01-14By 'holic
    7 months ago
  • We Are First To Face Clement In Inclement Weather
    Introspection complete, we have a Saturday 3pm kick-off to look forward to, and an opportunity to reclaim a place or two, or maybe even three, at the top of the table. Such is the nature of the pile-up behind Chelsea at the head of affairs that the fixture computer has ... read more
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    7 months ago
  • Clearing The Bar
    The evening after the day before has arrived and the thundersnow has not made it anywhere remotely close to ‘holic Towers. The predictive text really wanted ‘colic to appear there which is particularly apt today given that so many babies on social media are suffering with it. If you will ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-01-12By 'holic
    7 months ago
  • Gunners Back From The Brink At Spirited Preston
    The Thursday preview nailed ten of the starting eleven at Preston but missed the replacement of Hector Bellerin by Ainsley Maitland-Niles (conservative! © @yellowbootson). Olivier Giroud was a surprising choice to captain the side. At kick-off fog was swirling around Deepdale but the visibility was perfectly ok. On our last FA ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-01-07By 'holic
    7 months ago
  • Preston Preview – Part Two
    So last night I suggested we may go to Preston for Saturday evening’s FA Cup third round tie with a starting line-up not too far from what follows. Ospina; Bellerin, Mustafi, Gabriel, Monreal; Xhaka, Ramsey; Oxlade-Chamberlain, Iwobi, Lucas or Reine-Adelaide; Giroud. If they all turn up they should provide a ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-01-06By 'holic
    7 months ago
  • Proud Preston Preview – Part One
    Arsene Wenger’s press conference this morning (do watch it on was interesting to the extent at the strength of the team he hinted might play before going on to list a veritable who’s who of top players that will not be playing on the day. It meandered a little ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-01-05By 'holic
    7 months ago
  • Gunners Have Us In Two Minds
    The Arsenal recalled Skhodran Mustafi, Francis Coquelin, and Aaron Ramsey to the starting eleven at Bournemouth. Gabriel, Lucas, and the absent Mohamed Elneny made way. In the opening minutes Alex Iwobi was on the right flank enabling Ramsey to operate behind Olivier Giroud. They would rotate as the match developed. ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-01-04By 'holic
    7 months ago
  • Time To Pick Off The Cherries
    We played yesterday, and we play tomorrow. Chelsea and Tottenham are not being similarly tested, but hey, television is allowed to dictate such things. All we can do is knuckle down, rotate a little maybe, and dig out a result at Bournemouth. The potential effects of playing twice in 48 ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-01-02By 'holic
    8 months ago
  • Giroud Scorpion Stings Palace
    The pre-match fears about the flu were well founded. Mesut Ozil was ruled out and Francis Coquelin was relegated to the bench. Nacho Monreal came in for Kieran Gibbs as expected while Mohamed Elneny and Lucas also came into the starting line-up. As early as the sixth minute we should ... read more
    Source: GoonerholicPublished on 2017-01-01By 'holic
    8 months ago